VIDEO: Stormscapes, A Time-Lapse View of Storms


Stormscapes are really beautiful and stunning at the same time. Cloud formation along with the thunderstorms will sure make your day. The video constitutes the time-lapse view of many Storms shot by Nicolaus Wegner. Nicolaus Wegner shot all the footage in Wyoming and South Dakota during the summer of 2013 and finally collate it into one video which is just amazing.

The credits should be given to the below persons for this outstanding compilation of video.

Music: Xiphon Audio – Bindings – Used with permission
Photography: Nicolaus Wegner
Equipment: Canon 5dmii, 1dsmiii, 16-35mii, 70-200f4, tripods, intervalometers, hail dented Jeep.



Image Source:

We must thank Nicolaus Wegner for the hard work and beautiful video because of him only we are able to enjoy the stunning compilation of Nature.

You can connect with him on the below links,

VIDEO: Stormscapes, A Time-Lapse View of Storms

Now, watch the video and do share with your friends if you like it. Thanks for watching.

Stormscapes from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo.

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