VIDEO: Highlights From a Road Trip in Cuba

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The video is a beautiful compilation of the different beautiful spots in Cuba. The country is one of the most beautiful around the world in terms of landscape and natural beauty. The video is very well shooted and compiled with the beautiful music running in the background. The country is famous among the visitors for its white sand beaches, rolling mountains, and cigars and rum. The capital of the country is Havana and it preserves much Spanish colonial architecture that dated back to the 16th-century core.

So, before you enjoy the amazing video let me tell you some facts about the beautiful Caribbean island nation Cuba that you don’t know,

1. The country has one of the highest literacy rates around the world. They have a literacy rate of 99.8 percent.
2. Cuba and North Korea are the only two countries around the world who don’t allow Coca-Cola to sell their products in the country.
3. Cubans were prohibited from owning cell phones until 2008.
4. The US government created a Twitter Clone for the Cuban people in 2011.
5. The average salary in the country is 471 pesos or 20 US dollars a month.
6. South Korean soap named Operas are very famous among the people of Cuba.
7. The CIA operation to invade Cuba and take down the power of Castro was named “Operation Castration.”
8. It was accused of sending weapons to North Korea in 2013.
9. Only 5% of Cubans actually have access to the uncensored, open Internet.
10. All the American needs permission from the government if they want to visit the country.

Now Enjoy the Video and do Share it if you find it Interesting.


VIDEO: Highlights From a Road Trip in Cuba

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