10 Types of Small Parrots



With their colourful plumage and the fantastic ability to mimic human speech, parrots are one of the most popular pets. Parrots also known as Psittaciformes, includes more than 350 species, including parakeets, macaws, cockatiels and cockatoos. They generally feed on seeds, nuts, fruit, buds, and other plant material. Parrots mostly live in the warm areas of the Southern Hemisphere, though they are found in many other regions of the world, such as northern Mexico, Australia, South America and Central America, which have the greatest diversity of parrot species. Here is the list of 10 Types of Small Parrots

Types of Small Parrots

1. Cockatiel

The cockatiel is a species which is endemic to Australia. They are famous household pets and ranked second in terms of popularity only next to the budgerigar. Cockatiels are generally vocal parrots, with more varieties found in male species as compared to that of the female. Cockatiels can be taught to sing specific melodies and speak many words and phrases. It is one of the types of small parrots.

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2. African Grey Parrot

The African grey parrot is a medium-sized, black-billed parrot with an average weight of about 400 grams. It has a darker grey shade over the head and both wings, while the head and body feathers have a slight white edge on them. African grey parrots are famous for its high level of intelligence and incredible speaking ability to mimic sounds made by other animals, including human speech.

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Talking Birds

3. Budgerigar

Budgerigar, nicknamed as the budgie, is a small, long-tailed, seed-eating parrot. Budgerigars are the only species in Australia to be found thoroughly in the drier parts of Australia. They generally grow wildly and experience harsh inland conditions for the last five million years. Budgerigars are mostly green and yellow in colour and are also popular pets all around the world due to their small size, low cost and ability to mimic human speech.

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4. Cockatoos

Cockatoos is one of the 21 species of parrot belonging to the bird family Cacatuidae. The Cockatoos parrot species has a mainly Australasian distribution, ranging from the Philippines and the eastern Indonesian islands of Wallacea to New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Australia. The main difference between cockatoos and other parrots which makes them really unique is feathers on top of their heads. Cockatoos are also recognised by the unique showy crests and curved bills and also their plumage is generally less colourful than that of other parrots.

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Bare-Eyed Cockatoo

5. Macaw

Macaws are most popularly known as the giants of the parrot world. Macaws are native to humid evergreen forests of tropical South America and they can also be found in south-eastern Mexico to the Peruvian Amazon, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and Brazil in lowlands of 500 m up to 1,000 m. It is the national bird of Honduras and is perhaps one of the most easily recognizable birds in the parrot family which is well known for its Colorful and entertaining features.

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Lear’s Macaw

6. Poicephalus

The Poicephalus also was known as big boned bird comprises ten species of parrots which are native to various regions of the Afrotropic ecozone, including Sub-Saharan Africa, ranging from Senegal in the west, Ethiopia in the east, and to South Africain the south. There are slightly different forms of species but they all generally are stocky birds with short broad tails and relatively large heads and beaks. They feed primarily on seeds, fruits, nuts, and leafy matter.

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Image Source: Wikimedia

7. Amazon parrot

Amazon parrot is medium-sized parrots native to the New World ranging from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean. They have been observed to eat a variety of 33 different foods throughout the year, with seeds forming up to 82 per cent of its diet. Amazon Parrots are striking birds which are found in large varieties of colour and they are also one of the most popular options as pets. Amazon parrots are highly intelligent, loving and incredibly social birds which are often seen in flocks or family groups.

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Amazon parrot

8. Monk parakeet

The monk parakeet, also known as the Quaker parrot, is a small, bright-green parrot that has a greyish chest and greenish-yellow abdomen. Native to South America, quaker parrots are commonly found throughout the United States They usually have a long, pointed tail, a large head, and a hooked bill. Many North American cities now have local colonies of Monk Parakeets, established by birds escaped from captivity.

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9. Conures

Conures are a diverse, loosely defined group of small to medium-sized parrots. They belong to several genera within a long-tailed group. Conures are intelligent, playful and comical birds that constitute one of the most wonderful pets. There are many different types of conures available, and deciding which type of conure is best for your situation can be quite confusing.

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10. Pinous

One of the types of small parrots, Pionus are medium-sized parrots native to Mexico, and Central and South America. The White Capped Pionus is the smallest of all Pinous parrots. They are characterized by having the chunky body, bare eye ring, and short square tail. The Pionus is one of the quietest types of parrot that one will ever find. Also, the Pionus parrot is the best-kept secret of the bird world. It has also got all of the good qualities of the popular companion species.


Image Source: Wikimedia

These are the 10 small types of parrots. Do post your comments.

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