Top 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

Beautiful Dog Breeds


Dogs are one of the most desired pets in the world and specific breeds are in high demand due to particular characters like the ability to guard livestock, intelligence, loyalty and obedience. We have also covered best guard dogs for security. Attractiveness is one such desirable quality and breeds considered to be distinctively good looking are sought out by many owners. Though all dogs are a delight to be around once you get to know them, here is a list of dog breeds considered to be conventionally beautiful.

Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

1. Pomeranian

These dogs are very active and obedient and are very popular pets because of these qualities. They also have a thick silky coat of fur which makes them look very beautiful. One of the cutest animals has fur coats come in a wide range of colours including beige, lavender, white, cream and chocolate brown. They are very small dogs and weigh only about 3 kilos. They play well with older children and other pets and participate enthusiastically in games and activities. One of the sweetest and beautiful dog breeds.

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Beautiful Dog Breeds

2. Siberian Husky

This breed is a popular pet and is considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds because of their thick furry coat and striking eyes. The coat can come in a number of colours like grey, white, brown and tan. Their eyes too can have many different light shades of blue, green and grey. These dogs are very loyal and intelligent and can learn commands quickly. In the snowy lands of Siberia, where they originate, they also pull sledges over long distances. Huskies look somewhat likes wolves and are great running or trekking partners since they are very active and dangerous dogs breeds in the world. Dogs are also one of the smartest animals in the world.

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Beautiful Dog Breeds

3. Golden Retriever

As the name suggests, one of the cutest dog breeds in the world has a thick coat of golden fur which is water repellent. The fur may be straight or wavy and darkens as the dog ages. Because of its intelligence, willingness to obey commands and poised mannerisms, it is a very popular show dog. A full grown large retriever may weigh up to 35 kilos and requires constant grooming. Because of the dense hair, it needs to be regularly brushed. It is a very active outdoor dog and needs physical activity to keep it healthy. A golden retriever is very calm and so not suitable to be a guard dog. It is nevertheless a very popular pet. Also, read about biggest dog breeds in the world.

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Beautiful Dog Breeds

4. Beagle

The beagle is a type of hunting dog but is increasingly being kept as a house pet. It is a medium-sized dog, has long floppy ears and sharp eyes. The most common colour is a dark brown back, lighter brown shades on the sides and a white underbelly and legs. This dog is very intelligent, kind and loyal to the family. It gets along well with children but has to be specifically trained to be around other animals. Because it is a hunting dog, it is not naturally comfortable around other animals. Beagles like to explore their surroundings and are very active. You will also love reading about shortest living dog breeds in the world.

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Beautiful Dog Breeds

5. Akita Inu

The Akita Inu was originally bred in Japan though there are two types of Akitas existing today – the Japanese and the American. Both types have a thick furry coat but Japanese Akitas have only five variations in colour while American Akitas can have many shades and combinations. These are large dogs and can weigh over 50 kilograms. They are very protective of the family but need to be trained early on to make them obedient. Akitas are friendly towards children and other animals.

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Beautiful Dog Breeds

6. Alaskan Malamute

This beautiful dog breed is one of the oldest known breeds and was bred to pull sledges over long distances. It is a large and powerful dog and is very active. The thick fur coat is usually black or brown with a white underbelly and has evolved to withstand the biting cold of permanently snowy regions. Though they get along very well with children and other pets, they need to be properly trained at an early age. They are very friendly and so are suitable pets if the owner has an active lifestyle and can exercise the dog daily. It is considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds. Apart from large dog breeds, we have also listed small dog breeds in the world.

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Beautiful Dog Breeds

7. Bernese Mountain Dog

This large and beautiful dog originates in Switzerland and is one of the more famous Swiss mountain dogs. It has a brown, black, white and rust-coloured thick coat to protect it from the adverse weather of the mountains. These dogs were bred to protect livestock and so are very alert and intelligent. They learn commands very quickly if trained from a young age and are very loyal. They are being increasingly preferred as pets because of their loving nature and ability to play along with other pets in the house as well as with children.

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Shortest Living Dog Breeds

8. Icelandic Sheep Dog

This old and attractive breed was introduced in Iceland by Vikings around 900 AD and since then has flourished in Iceland. This beautiful dog breed has a thick coat of fur like other dogs from the icy regions on this list and the fur coat is its most attractive feature. The colour may be brown, white, golden, black or reddish. They shed their coat twice a year and require regular grooming to keep it healthy. They are very friendly and loyal and have a strong protective instinct towards the family because they have been bred as sheepdogs.

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Beautiful Dog Breeds

Image Source: Wikimedia

9. Miniature Schanuzer

As the name suggests, this beautiful breed is small and was bred in Germany. It is now found all over the world since it is a popular house pet. It has a thick fur coat made up of two layers – the outer coat is hard and long while the inner coat is shorter and soft. It has a variety of coat colours like brown, white, black and silver. It requires regular grooming to keep the coat shining but since this dog likes to be indoor, it does not need too much exercise. It is a perfect lap dog. It looks little similar to Irish Wolfhound which is listed in one of the biggest dog breeds in the world.

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Beautiful Dog Breeds

10. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is known for its large size and lion-like face. The distinctive look is due to the dense fur surrounding its face that looks like a lion’s mane and has a similar golden-brown colour. It is originally a Chinese breed but is now found all over the world. It is an excellent hunting and guard dog and needs vigorous activity to keep it engaged. It may weigh up to 30 kilos and has a large face and distinctive bluish-black tongue. They are intelligent, independent and demanding and can get difficult to manage if not properly trained. One of the cutest and beautiful dog breeds.

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Beautiful Dog Breeds

Do you plan to get a dog anytime soon? Which quality do you value the most in a dog? Animal welfare activists and dog lovers vociferously protest the commodification of these animals and pricing the breeds as per their looks. They are also disappointed by dog owners who disown their dogs if they find them to be unsuitable or feel that they do not match the standards they expected. Disowning dogs and shrugging all responsibility just because it didn’t turn out to be as beautiful as expected is a dangerous trend but unfortunately is becoming increasingly common because of the high price people pay to buy specific purebred puppies.

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