Top 10 Migratory Birds In The World

migratory birds


Migration is the movement between north and south of the globe, seasonally done by many species of birds. Birds move towards the warmer grounds as a response to change in weather, temperature, wind, habitat for breeding and food availability. It’s a seasonal occurrence, which happens every year at a specific time. The flock of birds goes through a specific flyway, which spans over continents and oceans. These Migrations carries the risk of death for many birds, because of various reasons, like unavailability of food, Hunting by human beings and larger birds, fatigue etc.
A sad reality is that most of the species of migratory birds are declining at an alarming rate. Main reasons behind it are human beings destroying their natural habitat for infrastructure, collisions with large buildings and aeroplanes, hunting, pollution etc. This is the situation for which, now the governments of many countries are coming together to safeguard the natural flyways of these birds. The study of Birds and their nature is called Ornithology.
So Here is a list of Top 10 Migratory Birds with some Amazing skills which will Blow your Mind,

Migratory Birds

1. BlueThroat

With its blue and red throat, BlueThroat matches its name and is one of the most beautiful birds on this list. That is the trait of a male BlueThroat, but its female counterpart doesn’t show such Colors. They migrate from Alaska to Central Europe and Asia. It is also a very shy bird, as it hides in dense shrubs In Alaska. Getting to see It in the Icy backdrop of Alaska, is a feast for the eyes for the birdwatchers.

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migratory birds


2.The Red Knot

The Red Knot has one of the longest total migration routes of any bird, travelling up to 16,000 kilometres twice a year. It travels from far north in the Arctic to the southern tip of South America. These species are in IUCN’s Red List. Their population declines as a result of pollution and degradation of natural resources at their breeding spots.

migratory birds

3. Osprey

An Osprey or Seahawk is a predator which lives on live fish. It has an excellent diving capability and dives up to three feet under the surface of the water. It lives near shallow water grounds where it’s easier to catch fishes.In winter, the osprey, which breeds in North America, moves toward Central and South America and also towards Africa.

migratory birds

4.Greater Flamingo

One of the most colorful birds in the world, Greater Flamingo is the largest of all species of Flamingos and it is found in the Indian Subcontinent. These species have a very astonishing lifestyle, as unlike many other birds they are monogamous in nature, that is, they stay with a single partner for their entire life. India is a home to hundreds of Migratory bird species. Mainly these birds species comes to India from Siberia during the winters. India has a large number of bird sanctuaries for the conservation of habitat and food for these birds. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan and Chilika Lake in Odisha are the largest of them. It is also listed as one of the beautiful birds in the world.

Beautiful Birds

5.Bar Headed Geese

Birds reach a great height when they migrate, mainly to avoid any obstacles. Bar Headed Geese is the highest flying migratory bird, with regularly flying over an altitude of 6 miles above sea level. It takes approximately 8 hours for Bar Headed Geese to fly over Himalayan Mountains, to reach Indian Subcontinent from Central Asia during winters.

migratory birds


Some species of Cuckoo migrates between Asia and Africa. Others, which are native to the UK also migrate to Southern Europe and Africa. It is believed that They cross the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara in a single flight
Cuckoos are infamous ones among the birds. They may be known for their melodious voice, as you may have read about it in various fairytales too. But the real story is far from any fairytale. The Cuckoo removes one of the eggs of its host birds nest, instead keeps its egg there, and when the cuckoo kid comes out, it pushes other eggs out of the nest, and then get raised by the host mother. Channel Billed Cuckoo is one of the best singing birds in the world.

migratory birds

7. Arctic Tern

These tiny birds make a remarkable feat as they do the longest migration ever. These are native to Arctic side of the globe. But in the winters they migrate to the opposite side of the globe, to the Antarctic. Annually they fly over the whole globe as they go back to their breeding grounds. It is also well known as an amazing arctic bird.

Arctic Birds

8.The Great Snipe

The Great Snipe flies with a flashing speed of 60 mph over a distance of 4200 miles. This makes it the fastest of all migratory birds. But This species is listed as Threatened by the IUCN Red List. Its population has been decreasing at a fast pace, because of their habitat loss and damage. These birds also face threat from human being hunting them.

migratory birds

9.Bar Tailed Godwit

One of the highest flying birds in the world, Bar-Tailed Godwit flies over a distance of 7000 miles without stopping. That’s the longest flight taken by a bird at a stretch. These have been red-listed by the IUCN as a threatened species and are been protected. It flies in a flock between East Asia, Europe and Australia, New Zealand.

migratory birds

10. Hummingbird

This small avian has the most complex migratory nature of all. As the Hummingbird is lives alone its entire life,it doesn’t migrate in a flock too. It preys on small insects and spiders, and it migrates toward Mexico and Panama from US and Canada in Winters. Flyways taken by various individual hummingbirds are usually very much similar. Bee Hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world.

migratory birds

So, these are the migratory birds in the world. Each of these birds is miraculous in their own way, and the phenomena of migration are very important for their survival. So Human beings should work together for the conservation of these birds to maintain the ecological balance of nature. International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has been working towards achieving this goal. So that we can always witness the splendid beauty of these wonderful creatures.

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