One third of North American Bird species in Danger: Scientists


The effect of climate change is not only affecting humans but also the whole animal species that are surviving on this planet. As per the study was done by the North American Bird Conservation, the susceptibility of the bird population in the nearby countries that is Canada, Unites States, and Mexico needs urgent conservation action.

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As per the report, approximately more than 37 percent of the total population of birds are in danger and need urgent conservation. The government of all the three countries has already initiated North American Bird Conservation Initiative in 1999. The government agencies have also kept an eye on the species of oceans and tropical forests. The main reason behind the decrease in population is pollution and climate change. It will be interesting to know about best singing birds in the world.

The North American Bird Conservation report says “The outlook for oceanic birds … is the bleakest of any North American bird group,”. The report also provides some ways by which we can address the problem, the first and foremost thing is that we have to remove predators and make marine areas more protective. Secondary, we have to remove the plastic products that are being thrown into the ocean which consequently trap and choke birds.


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The report says that major decrease in population of species can be seen in coastal, grassland and arid habitats. The other reasons that are stated are coastal development and sea level rise. We always hear the news that oil spills in the sea and after that we forget the news and live our own life. Oil spills are also one of the major reasons for the declining population in coastal and grassland areas. The last but the not the least, human activity also, directly and indirectly, affecting the climate change and hence affecting the declining population. You can also read Highest Flying Birds in the world.

You can also read the full report here:

We should come forward and start thinking about the problems that are being created by the climate change. We are not realising but we are causing the death of animals that have full right to live on this planet. We should now start thinking and take actions to protect our nature. We have to take steps to decrease our carbon footprint.

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