4 Of the Most Iconic Sports Venues in the U.S.

Every sports fan has a detailed bucket list of venues they would love to visit at some point in their life. After all, the setting where live sports action takes place is nearly as important as the game or tournament itself.

In the U.S., a number of historic stadiums, courts, ballparks, and racetracks give sports enthusiasts the viewing experience of a lifetime. In this article, we point out the top four most iconic places to watch a variety of sports events in real-time.

Top 4 places where you can (and should) watch real-time sports

1. Madison Square Garden


Madison Square Garden is known as the “World’s Most Famous Arena,” easily communicating why it deserves a top spot on our list of the state’s best. Located smack dab in the middle of bustling Manhattan, MSG was first built in 1879 and has since undergone a variety of renovations and reconstructions to maintain its prestige.

The venue hosts hundreds of events each year, including all kinds of entertainment shows such as concerts and theater performances. However, it is most famous for being the home of the New York Knicks, as well as the NHL’s Rangers. Although the Knicks have not been in the playoffs since 2013, they recently made fans extremely hopeful when they clinched a post-season seat for the first time in seven years, ending their long, tumultuous drought streak. Now, Knicks supporters are analyzing who exactly is favored in each matchup according to OddsChecker’s expert NBA odds. Here, basketball fans can keep their eyes on major playoff movement all the way up until the Finals, which are set to begin the first week of July.

If New York secures a Championship victory this year, it will be their first since 1973. With all this considered, there is no better time than this season to head over to the Garden and watch the Knicks (hopefully) make franchise history at their home court.

2. Fenway Park


When baseball fans think of historic ball fields, Fenway Park comes easily to mind. The venue, which holds the title of being MLB’s oldest active baseball field, was originally built in 1912. Similar to Madison Square Garden, Fenway Park has been renovated and expanded many times over the course of its 109-year history, but still remains one of the strongest symbols of the American pastime and the city of Boston overall.

The Boston Red Sox has been playing at the venue since its opening, and countless legendary players such as Babe Ruth and Ted Williams have competed inside its walls. For baseball fans, a visit to Boston is automatically synonymous with a trip to Fenway Park. However, even for non-sports enthusiasts, the ballpark is undoubtedly one of the city’s top landmarks and tourist sites.

3. Churchill Downs


Churchill Downs is the annual host of American horse racing’s most prestigious event, the Kentucky Derby, as you’ve probably heard of before. Just as historic as the other venues mentioned previously, the track opened all the way back in 1875 and has been active ever since. Located in Louisville, Churchill Downs can hold 165,000 guests inside its luxurious complex. The venue was named a national historic landmark by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior in 1986, officially recognized as an extremely significant place in the history of American sports.

The Kentucky Derby is part of the Triple Crown of horse racing, a series of three races for three-year-old thoroughbreds. The Churchill Downs also hosts a number of other events on the calendar, including three Grade I events, five Grade II events, and dozens more from Grade III down. If you can’t make it to the Kentucky Derby, then you can still experience the atmosphere at one of these other races.

4. Michigan Stadium


When it comes to must-visit American sports venues, Michigan Stadium should be at the top of any football fan’s list. Recognized as the country’s largest football stadium and the world’s third-biggest sports arena overall, with a jaw-dropping capacity of 107, 601, Ann Arbor is the proud home of thousands of cheering fans with a serious passion for the Michigan Wolverines.

The electric atmosphere at the Big House ensures that no other college football game can come close to the Michigan Stadium experience.

One thing’s for certain: if these sports venues piked your interest, there’s a high chance you’ll also want to check out this list of incredible experiences for extreme sports lovers. After all, when it comes to being a sports enthusiast, the sites and travel opportunities are truly endless.

Top 12 facts about these venues that you will love to know!

Madison Square Garden top 3 facts


1. Locker room

Did you know that Knicks and Rangers have rounded rooms? This is because they can easily gather around and look each other in their eyes.

2. The Beatles

All four members of The Beatles have performed in this stadium, but not at the exact same time or as a group.

3. Bridge

The Chase bridge is a popular and unique addition to Madison Square Garden. The Bridges are 233 feet long and 22 feet wide + they weigh 325 tons each.

Fenway park top 3 facts


1. The first-ever stadium

There is a good chance that this may have been the first corporately named stadium. It was due to the family which held a considerable stock.

2. No Sunday games

It was illegal to play games on Sundays within 1000 feet of any church all the way back to 1932.

3. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck ended up shooting one movie scene there back in 2010. The place was booked for no less than $25,000.

Churchill Downs top three facts


1. It is famous for turkeys as well

Although everyone talks about horse racing, at Churchill turkey is another animal that holds a significant spot. Because of their annual Thanksgiving dinners, there are 16,000 dinner rolls and 3,000 pounds of turkey.

2. No ticket

Tickets were sold for $27,000, and nowadays you are invited to purchase your ticket for anywhere between $7,500 – $14,000 each.

3. A portrait

Did you know that winning jockeys get a caricature portrait? There are 96 jockeys just from 1875-2004.

Michigan Stadium top three facts


1. Expensive to build

This stadium was built for $950,000 and has had seats for 72,000 people. Back in 1927, it was the largest college-owned stadium that even expanded its surface and made 84,401 seats available.

2. The first game ever

The Wolverines played their first game at Michigan Stadium back in 1927. This team has had 41 attendances of 43 seasons, so you can see why it holds a special place.

3. Electronics

Lastly, in 1930 the stadium ended up getting and installing electronic sideboards for a better viewing experience. They were the first-ever stadium to do so.

In the end, where do you stand when it comes to these stadiums, places, and venues? Have you ever been to one of them? If not, which one is your absolute must-have, and what game you can’t wait to watch in person? Let us know!

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