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The world is being revolutionized with every passing minute. Automated home security systems present today are a need of each house. Everyone can have a customized version of it as per their requirement. Initially, these systems were a source of providing security outside the house. But now they are providing security inside the house too. Moreover, household tasks like turning lights on and off are being done by it. In some parts of the world pest control system is embedded in the automated home security system. Some people are using the same system for monitoring their small businesses. In short, everyone around the globe is looking forward to the system.

Charges of the system increase with increased features. Similarly, bonuses are given with long term plans. Multiple companies are working in the market for their core purpose. It is difficult for one to make a wise decision. Keeping in view the transparency policy of the company, reviews of the customers, in detailed conversation over the helpline, getting access to the details of the services offered by a company online can help a person make a decision. Visiting each company individually physically in this era of modern tech is not everyone’s choice. A company with a detailed website will outcast all the companies with no information available online.


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Once the system is installed in your house, the first most tasks are to test the alarm.

  • When all the components are connected and functional, a light signal on the device should indicate that.
  • Open a door; to test the alarm. The loud siren should sound for at least 15 seconds.
  • The system must be turned off via a password; otherwise, anyone will be able to turn it on or off.
  • On the ringing of the alarm, the customer will receive a call from the dispatch center of the respective company.
  • Tell the company that it was a test case and assure them by verbally telling your password.

Do inform the company through email or call; if the light of the system fails to turn on, or you don’t receive a call upon alarm. Test your alarm once a month to verify that the system is working properly. Make sure you register your alarm permit before making it functional. In case the alarm permit is not guaranteed, the alarm won’t be responded to. If it will be responded to, it costs you $500. To stay on the safe side, visit the website of your local police department. You’ll get a registration form along with the directions on their website. To request a permit number, you’ll need the license number of the company. Once you get the permit number, contact the chosen automated home security company for further dealings.

How to Get Started?

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Once you register for an automated home security system, wait for 2 business days to get your request processed. If you get a handsome insurance discount from a company, it means the company is fully licensed and approved by all major insurance companies. It’s better to inform the company before leaving town so that they take extra precautionary measures towards your possession. This could be a change of password or a change of contact number. The information can be updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, home services are provided at specific hours on business days with weekends off.

If the alarm is turned on accidentally, try to turn it off. If the alarm rings for 10 seconds or more, you’ll receive a call from the dispatch center. Tell your password; verbally to them, and you are good to go. If the call is missed, police will be directed to your place. Most companies do not charge for false alarms, but many police departments do. To be on the safe side, avoid false alarms.

Distribution of Working Hours

In most companies, the bills could be placed from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. The systems are being sold, from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, and on Saturday, between 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. The systems are being dispatched 24/7. Tech support hours are the same as the system selling hours. These hours could vary from company to company, but most companies offer the above-mentioned timings. For further details, click here smiththompson.

The automated home security system is being installed by one of the representatives from the company within the working hours. If one is not comfortable in letting someone in to install the entire system, he can view tutorials available on the websites and get the installation done. However, it’s better to get the system installed by a company professional. The company professional can get the job done quickly with minimum to no blunders.

Reduction in Crime Rate

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With the advent of an automated home security system, the crime rate is reduced tremendously. Even if the crime takes place, one is capable of getting details of the burglar and can alert his neighbors too. The application attached to the system sends a notification in no time over a wireless transmitter. The respective police departments reach the place of crime in no time.

Smart home automation embedded in automated home security systems helps to take necessary measures in less time and hence, saves from great loss. For example, previously, by the time the fire alarm rings, most of the destruction has already taken place. But now, with improved technology and sensors, the rate of loss is reduced a lot. Minimum to no breakage in the house takes place while installing the system. The smart system prevents leaking the information of the automated home security system to anyone who visits the house. The pest control system not only deals with cockroaches, rats, etc. rather, it helps to clear spider webs, honeycombs, and many more, not only inside the house but also the outside. Welcome to the carefree life.

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