The Impact of Frequent Travels on Relationships

Being in a healthy relationship in today’s circumstances, when you get so over-occupied with work, can be a difficult task. The relationship is going on for some time now, the love is there, and they are pretty successful at what they do, carrier oriented. It makes you feel proud, but there is one aspect of their work that you don’t feel so comfortable about – they are constantly traveling. It’s only natural not to be ok with this all the time – after all, what’s the point of being in a relationship when you’re alone most of your time.

But what can you do? It’s not that your partner likes to be away from home, it’s their work that requires it. And to be honest, the labor market doesn’t allow you to have much of a private life if you’re ambitious. Almost every job today requires traveling or commuting. Your partner would probably love to stay with you, but the circumstances are different. You don’t even dare to raise this question, because somewhere you are aware that it’s not their choice, but they have to make a living.

These are all some of the challenges modern-day relationships have to go through. There comes a point where you either make peace with it or bring the issue to the table and try to find a common solution. And you shouldn’t be ashamed if you need some professional help. Counseling has proven to be more than helpful in many ways, so we suggest you visit to explore how it can help you.

The rest of this article will be oriented towards exploring all the impacts the travels can have on your relationship.

Loneliness, depression, conflict

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There have been different studies that showed how frequent travels have a negative impact on the emotional relationship. It’s important to state that this negative impact usually reflects both of the partners. It seems that the partner who is constantly staying at home ends up even more influenced by this issue. Yes, you read it correctly, the one that stays home ends up being under more stress than the one that goes away, regardless of how ridiculous it may seem. As a result of the stress, health issues are quite common.

The sense of loneliness, family habits disorder, depression, frequent conflicts resulting from an unsatisfied need of one or both, are some of the most common issues partners that stay at home have to cope with.

Sleeping disorders

Having difficulties falling asleep in an empty bed, is not an unusual reaction when one partner is away from home. However, it can also impact the one on the road. Changing beds all the time is something the body finds difficult to adjust to.

Further states that appear include the daily rhythm disorder, low immunity, feeling tired and getting tired more quickly than usual, loss of appetite… Ignoring the problem results in this only being the beginning.

So, a natural question that arises is – what can I do about it? Depends on where you stand. If you’re the one staying at home, arm yourself with patience and understanding. If you’re the one going away and you care about how this impacts your significant other, then try to negotiate the possibility of less traveling.

Aside from the counseling we already mentioned at the beginning of the article and this solution, there’s no wiser third option. Sometimes sitting with yourself and assessing whether it is worth it, and then deciding on changing the carrier, can also be a solution.

Physical disorders

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Aside from affecting the emotional aspect of a relationship, it is interesting to know that frequent travels also cause physical disorders. How and why? Well, running to finish your obligations results in changing your eating habits, mostly for the worse, since you’re turning to fast food and restaurant food. But also, the free time you would spend working out and eating healthy is decreasing. As a result, you feel tired and unsatisfied with your looks, which further causes insecurities and it reflects on your relationship.

Business opportunities that are connected to international travel are at first seen as something exciting, but what the research shows is that this is exactly why you’re constantly under stress. For singles, it can still be an exciting adventure opportunity, but for a family person, it’s a nightmare.

Self-destructive habits

One also interesting finding shows that those who travel business class are more prone to risky behavior and developing self-destructive habits. By self-destructive habits, we mean increasing alcohol consumption. At first, it’s to get your mind out of the problems, but when you get home the true face of the problem is seen.

Growing distant

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Because of the separation, people naturally grow distant. Leading two separate lives, in two separate places, makes even those things you had in common fade away. There is no common platform anymore. After a while, you notice that the only reason you stay together is because of a habit, and habits are hard to change.

It’s interesting to know that even 9% of people who travel frequently, has slept with a complete stranger. Imagine how many of them had unprotected intercourse or have turned to use drugs. Growing apart under these circumstances is not a surprise.

Missing out on the important dates

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Being preoccupied with work and obligations is what’s happening in almost every persons’ life. The amount of obligations, duties, and responsibility, traveling from one time zone to another, affects your time management and before you know it you’ve forgotten your friend’s birthday, or even worse, your anniversary. In the beginning, tolerance is expected as a result of understanding what the other person is going through. However, if this turns into a habit, the effects will be terminal.

Most of the time, traveling separately affects your emotional relationship negatively, however, it can also be an opportunity for both of you. This depends on your circumstances, of course, but also on how willing are you to invest more energy in a quality relationship with someone you love?

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