10 Interesting Facts About Rome


  1. Rome is the most populous city and capital of Italy.
  2. One of the most beautiful city is located on the Italian peninsula, beside Tiber River from the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  3. The population of the Rome is around 4,355,725, as per the 2018 census updated in Wikipedia.
  4. Rome became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy in 1871 and later it became the Italian Republic in 1946.
  5. Rome is known for its various monuments such as Eiffel Tower in Paris and the silhouette of the Colosseum is to Rome.
  6. Rome is known to have 280 fountains and around 900 churches located within the city.
  7. The city has eight ancient Egyptian monuments and Roman obelisks located in a different part of the city.
  8. One of the most visited cities in the world, Rome is an important centre of Fashion and Design. All credit goes to the international brands such as Renato Balestra, Laura Biagiotti, Bulgari and Fendi.
  9. Rome has a law that allows cats to live where they are born. If you ever visit Rome, there are numerous cats visible climbing the walls of the Colosseum and other places in the city.
  10. Rome is also known as the “Eternal City” and also “Caput Mundi”. It comes from Latin and means the capital of the world.

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