5 Amazing Elephant Facts



Elephants being one of the smartest and largest land mammals in the world. Currently, there are three species of elephants that are alive that is Indian, savannah and forest elephants. Indian elephants known for their small ears and native to India, however, the other two are found in Africa. All species of elephants are highly endangered because of increased hunting and habitat loss. Below are some of the important facts about Elephants,

Elephant Facts

  • All elephants species were seen in herds where the herd is guided by the oldest elephants species. Male elephants species will leave the herd when they erach 12 years and they will form a new hed known as “bachelor” herds before they live a solitary life.
  • Elephant loves to eat acacia, howvever, if ants are there on the tree, the species will move away from the tree because it can hurt its trunk. The trunk is a combination of large and muscular fusion of elephant nose and upper lip.
  • The skin of the elephant is one inch thick, howvever, it will burn in the Sun, If it’s not protected. It uses mud to cover its skin and protect it from the Sun.
  • Elephant communicates with others by producing noise that humans will not be able to hear and also by producing vibrations on the ground.
  • The lifespan of the elephant is around 60-70 years in the wild and in captivity is more than 80 years.

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