7 Reasons To convert Your Fluorescent Shop Lights to LED

Fluorescent shop lights are harmful and consume more energy. The operating cost is much higher than LED lights. Its maintenance is also costly and requires time to time maintenance. So if you are using fluorescent lights in your shop replace it as it is no longer being used nowadays at many places. Depending on the location of your shop is and the energy usage of the shop, we would suggest that you should change it to LED lights which are less harmful and less costly at the time of electricity bill than fluorescent lights.

Why change Fluorescent Shop Lights to LED

1. Shifting from fluorescent shop lights to LED Retrofit tubes

LED lights eliminate ballast failure completely and reduce dimness and flickering of lights which are commonly seen in fluorescent lights in shops.

The tubes called Retrofits used in LEDs are available in high standard with high-efficiency models. The average life of fluorescent lights is 30,000 hours, whereas LEDs are 50,000 hours which is quite better.

Once you plan to shift to LED from Fluorescent lights, all you need is to get some rewiring of the fixture so that it can bypass fixtures ballast which can be easily done. If you want to replace your old fluorescent light with LED, then Lepro is the best solution for all your lighting needs.


2. Longer Operational Life

The best reason to switch to LEDs is that they have a very long life expectancy of over 100,000 hours on average before revealing their age (over eleven years at maximum brightness). This bulb has a lifetime that is double that of standard fluorescent bulbs and twenty times that of incandescent bulbs. Since an LED light does not have a filament or a glass enclosure, it is more prone to vibrations and other strong impacts than other lights, which are also damaged by small bumps and drops.

3. Replacing your Fluorescent shop lights with a LED Fixture

In this method, you can change your Fluorescent fixtures to LED fixtures, which often provide more output in light than with tubes. The surface of the LED fixture can be mounted, or it can be suspended with wires. The LED fixture has an all-in-one design that offers water resistance and is great for dust resistance. The life of the fixture is long and can be replaced once the life is over, which reduces the concern of changing it continuously. It has a slimmer profile, and some of them are small in size due to integrated tubes and are not bigger than fluorescent lights, which is also
an advantage.


4. Mercury is present in fluorescent lamps

Mercury, like the phosphor within the lamps, is a toxic substance that poses a waste disposal problem when the light is turned off. A small amount of poisonous mercury is released as a gas by broken lamps, and the rest is stored in the glass itself. So, it’s good to replace them with LEDs because they are safe to use in comparison with Fluorescent light. LED lights are safer for the environment because they minimize carbon emissions and do not leach poisonous mercury into our water supplies. They are one of the most energy-efficient light bulbs on the market. There are many types of LEDs in the market nowadays that you can switch to. Some of them are listed below:

  • Replacing your Fluorescent shop lights with LED Retrofit tubes
  • Replacing your Fluorescent shop lights with a LED Fixture.
  • Replacing your Fluorescent shop lights with magnetic LED strips
  • Replacing your fluorescent fixture with an LED tubes + LED-ready T8 fixture
  • Replacing your fixtures with troffers or LED panel lights

5. Safe to Use

LED light bulbs emit just 20% of the heat generated by incandescent bulbs, allowing them to work at lower temperatures. Since LED bulbs emit less heat energy, they help to reduce the risk of a house fire. Because of their solid-state structure, they are highly robust, and there is no broken glass to deal with.


6. Provides Higher-Level of Lighting

The difference between an incandescent and a high-quality LED light bulb is instantly visible. Improved ambient lighting will immediately turn your appearance into something that is more polished and professional.

7. Energy efficiency

The light-emitting diode (LED) uses 50% less electricity as compared to the fluorescent lights. This results in cost savings due to less consumption of energy. Also, LEDs emit light in a specific direction, whereas fluorescent bulbs emit heat and light in all directions hemispherically. Due to the directional lighting feature of LED, the wastage of energy and light is reduced.

The fluorescent lamps need a proper temperature around them as they work best when the surrounding temperature is not too low or high. If the temperature is low, then the fluorescent light will become dim, which leads to a reduction in visibility.


Using LED lights instead of fluorescent lights is much better, as they are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and don’t depend on the surrounding environment. LEDs run for a longer period of time and emit even light all around. It also impacts our environment by making the surroundings secure as it doesn’t produce harmful gases like old lighting systems.

Today, we can use LEDs not just as simple lighting but can use them with some intelligent sensors and controllers that can help build a more sustainable and smarter solution.

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