4 Colorado Cities with Better Rent Prices Than Denver

Colorado is frequently named as one of America’s top ten locations to live, and it’s simple to see why. Beautiful scenery and a variety of outdoor activities are available in cities like Denver and Boulder, as well as major-city attractions like museums and breweries.

Locals and tourists always want to explore more than that. They are trying to discover beautiful corners of the world, by visiting popular destinations but looking for fewer commercial activities that can be done there. Popular places also come with higher prices, starting from the real estate properties, prices in the stores, and average prices in bars and restaurants.

However, as more people become aware of everything that Colorado has to offer, property prices rise. A lot of people should realize that the states are more than their capital city. Yes, we know that we recognize the states and worldwide countries by their biggest cities, but those who enjoy exploring under-the-radar locations, are aware that they have a lot more to offer. And that’s the same about this state too.

Below are 4 Colorado cities with better rent prices than Denver.

1. Trinidad


Trinidad is a unique and interesting city near the border of New Mexico with a diverse population. Plan to spend time fishing, boating, or camping at Trinidad Lake State Park, as well as exploring the historic arts district, which hosts unique events. You have plenty of interesting things to see there, and if you decide to visit it, be careful not to swim in the lake. Most of the time, swimming is prohibited, due to safety. But, you can still enjoy the boat excursions or other controlled activities. Families will appreciate the town’s affordable housing and nice residents. The scenery and natural beauty around Trinidad are breathtaking! And that makes for the safety concerns tourists may have, but you can travel there peacefully because they really care about the tourism in the city and won’t let anything bad happen to the visitors.

2. Aurora


There are numerous parks, excellent restaurants, and a varied range of activities. Cherry Creek State Park, which includes hiking, biking, and walking paths as well as a marina, is also close by. Aurora is a wonderful place to live since it is home to many wonderful people who genuinely care about their town. It’s probably one of the safest cities in Colorado, with the lowest crime rates, which makes it perfect for those who want to travel with their families, or who think about moving there. Aurora offers many parks that encourage young people to participate in recreational activities in order to promote healthy living, fitness, and friendships while having fun. Also, don’t miss their great restaurants, because we can confirm that the food is very delicious, and you will indeed have a great time exploring the different tastes. You can find more information about Aurora apartments on

3. Loveland


With around 77,000 residents, it is Colorado’s 15th most populous city. Loveland is a name that most people are unfamiliar with right away. Loveland, like many other Colorado cities, is beginning to attract a lot more attention. After all, Colorado is currently experiencing a phenomenal real estate and economic boom. Many cities are seeing an increase in property purchasers. It is extremely inexpensive when compared to other Colorado cities such as Denver.

Nonetheless, most individuals appear to agree that it is a place that provides a good quality of life for the money. This might be said of a number of Colorado cities, but it’s especially true of Loveland. People here frequently comment on how beautiful the adjacent mountains are. Though we could talk about it on a regular basis, we’ll use this chance to point out that this city boasts a plethora of parks and recreational opportunities that allow you to soak up as much nature as you want.

4. Pueblo


Pueblo is about midway between Colorado Springs and Trinidad in the north. It’s famous for its traditional Mexican cuisine and farming lifestyle. The city, which has a population of about 111,000 people, is particularly family-oriented and offers a variety of outdoor activities owing to Lake Pueblo State Park. Pueblo hasn’t experienced a lot of new people in the last five years, but it has maintained a small consistent number of new citizens moving into the city. Pueblo has a dense metropolitan feel to it, and it may be a fast-paced environment where people often live and work in close quarters. There’s always a new restaurant to explore, and the area has lively nightlife.

Surely, there are a lot more of them, that are worth mentioning. At this point, we can include Aspen here, and also Colorado Springs and Boulder, but you probably already know a lot about them. Next, we recommend visiting Durango too, because of the breathtaking mountains and interesting past, especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Littleton is known among the people because of its authentic experience, galleries, historic sites, shops, and the best thing is that it’s really close to Denver, so people love to call it a Denver suburb. It’s great for families who don’t want to be in the middle of the city.


As you can see, we can confirm our theory that the states are a lot more than their capital cities. We hope that once you visit your favorite place, never mind if it’s Colorado or any other in the USA, or abroad, you will give the smaller places the chance they deserve. Sometimes these wonderful places exist in the shadow of the popular destinations close to them. But, they surely deserve to be visited and let the people hear about them.

In the end, we will suggest you choose your destination carefully, explore your options, and find good apartments to stay there because you must feel safe and comfortable. Take care of these things before the trip begins, so you can have a great time there, as you deserve.

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