Caribbean Surfing: Which island is Best for Surfing?

The Caribbean is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the whole world. Soaring high waves, tropical winds make it the most treasured place among surfers. It caters to every category of surfers be it the beginners, intermediate, advanced, or who ride the waves like a pro.

The Caribbean offers every possible setting for the surfers along its 800 miles long coastline from the Dominican Republic to Jamaica. The most optimum time for surfing is between November to April. With so many choices you can always use a little help to choose that perfect spot to get started on an unforgettable Caribbean surfing adventure.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a place with an old soul charm but vibrancy and playfulness in its heart. It is filled with amazing beaches, delicious and spicy food. This Caribbean heaven is a must-visit for every globe trotter. With a wide variety of reefs, swells, and points for surfers Puerto Rico has become a beloved spot for surfers for many years. The most stunning locations are located on the North West side of the island. Some of the best locations are Tres Palmas, Table Rock, Gas Chambers, and Kikita. Colorful Puerto Rico also is the birthplace for many of the renowned surfers.


Here you can find really good waves both on the north-east coast at pathway beach but also sometimes at the entrance of Prickly bay in the south. Hog Islands shorelines and a couple of more reefs on the south coast also are giving you a good wave in southern winds. is a good address to go to, also for other activities like sailing and diving on the island.


With white sand stretched out on a coral island and the waves in the turquoise blue sea make Barbados a paradise on earth. The most amazing Caribbean surfing spots can be found on the east coast of this island with constant strong winds crashing against the waves. The coral reefs stretched all around the coast to provide an adequate setting for surfers. The spot Bathsheba is known for its Soup Bowl and is one of the most favorite spots for surfers. If you are a beginner it is always a nice idea to get acquainted with the turf. Also, take help from a local instructor to make your experience worthwhile.


Jamaica is a blend of colors, culture, experiences from all walks of life and the soulful sound of reggae makes it the most priceless gem of the Caribbean. The southern side of this place has some of the best surfing spots, the two most famous being Boston Bay and Bull bay. Boston Bay lies on the north side of the island and it is famous for Boston Bay Jerk. The most famous surf camp in Jamaica is known as Jamnesia in the Kingston area. So, grab your surfboard and explore the swells for some waves.

Dominican Republic

The most diverse country in the Caribbean is this tropical abode in the north of the Caribbean. The coastline is expansive providing a large number of swells and making it one of the best for surfing. Also, it is home to a wide range of surfing sports. But all the credit goes to its awesome location between the Atlantic and Caribbean Ocean. La Boya is a great spot for beginners owing it to the flexibility for longboard surfing. The south of the island is more suitable for surfing in the summer season. But in winter surfing can be done on the north side of the coast.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations of the Caribbean with luscious trees, exotic wildlife, sun-kissed beaches. It is a dream for every traveler. The fun and adventure never end in this place as it has a rare combination of sun, sand, and nature.

The most economic and fun places to surf in Costa Rica are open all year round. It has a long coastline so surfers can enjoy the thrill better. Catering to all surfers from experimentalists to killer wave riders within an affordable range. There is the availability of economical surf camps to luxurious surf villas in this paradise. The increasing tourism has been a boost for local surfers and has made it a popular sport.

Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s points are two of the most visited spots during the surfing season. If you are a first-timer then you should hit the northern region for some memorable experience.


Ocean and beach landscape

The Bahamas, the name itself gives you a tropical vibe. The dream of sipping on a chilled drink on a hammock by the sandy beach with crystal clear blue water will come true. Eleuthera, a beautiful island in the heart of the Bahamas is famous for surfing. The 110 miles long coastline with swells, and breakpoints making it the most appropriate location for surfers.

Another famous spot in the Bahamas is Surfer’s beach. You can reach it easily by asking a local and interact with a group of local surfers. Also, learn some tips and tricks from them and make your way to the beach and own the waves.

The British Virgin Islands

The most loved family destination in the Caribbean is the British Virgin Islands with soft white sand, crystal clear water, and the most exquisite marine life. At the northern point, Josiah’s bay provides waves from the height of 3 feet to 6 feet and is one of the most enjoyable spots for surfers.

Another point on the island of Tortola is Apple Bay with shimmering blue water with waves reaching a height of more than 6 feet making it a great place for professional or advanced surfers.

Antigua and Barbuda

Its position between the Atlantic and Caribbean Ocean makes it great for surfing. Also, the lined reefs and swells in the east add to the location. Turtle Bay is the best beach having swells from the west side. The Galley Bay and Dickenson Bay are also some of the preferred spots for surfing. These are also famous for kite surfing like wakeboarding or boosting big air for those who have experience in board surfing. You can always take help from the local instructors to up your game and enjoy the ride.

Caribbean surfing makes you feel the rush of adrenaline in your body accompanied by the most beautiful scenic view. Be ready with your surfboard to cover yourself in the splashes of water and enjoy the tropical wind.

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