The Benefits of Surrogacy for Everyone Involved

For many couples, infertility is a reality. This can mean years of struggling to conceive, only to reach a point where you’re told that you may not be able to have kids at all. Fortunately, surrogacy may be the answer for you and your partner. Surrogacy is an incredibly versatile option that allows families to have children that they would not be able to have on their own. It also has a host of benefits for everyone involved. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of surrogacy for everyone involved and how you can maximize the benefits for yourself and your family.

When it comes to surrogacy, many people wonder why should they choose it, or why should they become a part of the community. Surrogacy has many advantages compared to other services like And here, both sides profit from each other. Here are four major profits for intended parents and surrogates.

What Benefits Do Intend Parents Get


Obviously, future parents are the ones who get a child and who basically receive the results — babies. However, there are more benefits to it:

  1. A baby — for many people who want to start a family and have a child but who do not have an opportunity to give birth themselves, surrogacy is the solution. Of course, the main benefit for intended parents is the baby that is biologically connected to them. This way, everyone stays safe and healthy — women who have pregnancy problems do not have to risk their lives.
  2. Great variety of services — whatever the situation you are in, surrogacy agencies can offer you the best options. If you are in a same-sex relationship or you are medically not allowed to give birth, surrogacy can help in every way. It is not only about fertilizing the eggs but also about sperm donation and other options.
  3. Parenthood journey — when you are adopting a kid, it is impossible to experience the entire pregnancy and raise the child from the very first minute. However, surrogacy allows you to be there with the surrogate and go through every little step.
  4. Adoption substitution — as was already said, adoption is a very hard decision to make, especially when people want to start their own family. Moreover, many people are afraid of taking on this responsibility, so adoption is simply not for them. Here is when surrogacy comes into the game.

Advantages for intended parents are hard to count, as surrogacy is a legal and safe way for them to have a biologically connected child. The entire procedure for them always becomes a great journey.

What Do Surrogates Get


Future parents profit from the process as they are the “customers” here. That’s why people often get confused and wonder why people are ready to become donors and become surrogates, as for many women pregnancy was the hardest time of their life and it damaged their health significantly. Here is what the process looks like from the other side:

  1. Financial reward — one of the main reasons people choose to be a part of the surrogacy team is money. It is a way for healthy people to earn money thanks to their ability to give birth simply. However, it is important to mention here that most surrogates are not only doing it for money — additional money they see as a nice bonus.
  2. Medical support — all the surrogates and donors are thoroughly checked and are constantly under watch. This way, they know that they won’t be left, and if anything goes wrong, the problem can be fixed easily by professionals. So the procedure becomes safe and legal for them.
  3. Opportunity to help people — the other main reason why people choose to become surrogates. Having a chance to be helpful and fulfill their dreams is priceless. After all, not even money is as important as being thankful to people who you’ve helped. Many surrogates see their ultimate goal as helping other people.
  4. Become a part of a big community — surrogacy agencies are a whole alliance of very friendly and helpful people. Here surrogates can meet new people, get to know the best doctors, and become a part of something special.

Even though many people are skeptical about the community, many women participants say they love helping others. Surrogacy becomes something they love, and they see their duty in making people who want kids but unfortunately can’t have their dreams come true.

The Different Types of Surrogacy


There are a number of different types of surrogacy, each with its own benefits.

Traditional surrogacy is the most common type and involves a woman carrying a baby for another person. In gestational surrogacy, a woman who is not pregnant undergoes medical procedures to create a surrogate pregnancy. This is typically done through in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is another type of surrogacy in which sperm is inserted directly into an egg outside of the body. Multiples are also available through gestational carrier surrogacy and IUI. These involve multiple gestations by different women and often result in more babies than traditional surrogacies because the surrogate loses only one pregnancy rather than two or more.

Finally, embryo adoption allows parents to adopt children created through assisted reproductive technology (ART), including surrogates, without ever meeting them or taking custody of them.

Where to Begin

Your next step in this wonderful experience would be a call to us — our contacts can be found at the end of the website. We arrange a meeting where we have an interview — we get to know you and vice versa. We help you with every level of the process — picking your surrogate, contacting them, giving medical checkups, and all the needed information you may be worried about. Whether it is the egg fertilization service you are searching for or sperm donation, we will help you with everything.

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