Photographer Captures Incredible Battle Between Eagle and Fox in Nature

Eagle vs Bat

Have you ever seen a fight between an eagle and a fox? however, photographer Kevin Ebi is lucky enough to shoot and capture pictures of an incredible fight between an eagle and a fox over a rabbit in the wilderness.

Eagle vs Bat

Image Source: livingwilderness/Instagram

Photographer Kevin Ebi also added, “Here is something you don’t see every day: a #baldeagle and a red #fox fighting over a rabbit — and at times more than 20 feet up into the air. It happened Saturday at #SanJuanIsland National Historical Park. The fox caught the rabbit and the eagle tried to steal it away. See the whole sequence of images and hear the story on my blog at Click blog. It was as.bsolutely incredible to see. The whole battle lasted just eight seconds. The fox ended up OK, but lost its dinner,” Ebi wrote along the photo he posted on Instagram.

He also has a blog named livingwilderness where you can see more interesting pictures.

The video of the incident has been captured by Zachary Hartje and shared on social networking site Facebook. Below is the detailed video. Do watch and share your comments.

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