Are Moose Antler Chews Healthy For Dogs – 2024 Guide

As every dog owner would say, dogs are our best friends and no one will love us unconditionally except them. Since they are showing us love and affection every day, it is logical that we would do everything for them. This mostly refers to the way we are treating them and caring for them. One of the crucial aspects of dog care includes the way we are maintaining their health.

We want to provide them with things that will promote their health and that are safe for their well-being. In this article, we are going to discuss moose antler chews and whether or not they are safe and healthy for dogs. These are very effective chews, however, most dog owners are wondering whether or not they should give them to dogs. Let’s take a closer look and get a bigger picture of this topic.

The most important question is – Can Dogs Chew on Antlers?


The first thing that we should discuss is whether or not antler chews are safe and healthy for dogs. We can notice that they are a very popular chews option for dogs and most dog owners are purchasing them. However, whether they are safe for dogs is a topic that is highly debated. In general, many dogs actually enjoy and love the taste of moose antlers and we can freely say that they are rich in nutrients. Therefore, they can actually be beneficial for your dog.

Unfortunately, the only problem referring to antler chews is the fact that many owners are afraid that they can cause broken teeth, internal blockage, and even some internal punctures in case the dog swallows some sharp pieces. We need to say that this is not a common scenario and the chances that something of the mentioned things can happen are minimal. There is no evidence of this type of outcome. In fact, if you research some of the top-respected vet websites, you will see that this is not something that causes tooth fractures.

Antlers’ chews are created of real moose bone. In general, one of the features of antlers worth mentioning compared to any other bone type is their hardness. Therefore, dog owners are thinking that it is completely natural, normal, and safe to buy antlers for their dogs. Since they can be found in different pet stores or on online sale platforms, dog owners can easily buy them.

However, it is highly important for dog owners to ensure the reliability of the store from which they are going to buy antler chews. Only in that way, they can be sure that they are providing their dog with healthy and nutrient antler. If you are interested to find a platform that will provide you with a guarantee, you can check huge offer of different moose antler chews.

Types of Antler Chews and which one is the best

There is a truly wide range of different antler chews that you can consider when making the purchase for your dog. The main difference between them lies in the hardness level. Moose antlers are the most popular option among dog owners since they are often softer than other antler chew types. Additionally, they can even come in slices will provide dogs with easier consumption. Unlike all other types of antler chews, moose ones typically have a basic paddle shape. They can be a long-lasting chew option for your best-fury friend.

Benefits of Moose Antlers Chews for Dogs


As we said, moose antler chews are incredibly healthy for your dogs, therefore by buying them such a product, you can only provide them different benefits. Primarily, antlers are considered a source of minerals including calcium and phosphorus which are incredibly important for dogs. Best of all, dogs seem to really like the taste of the moose antlers chews. Additionally, dogs that are bored can benefit from chewing hard substances of this kind and relax. Despite that, these chewing antlers can be a good recreational activity for your dog. They can enjoy chewing it for hours and not let you take the antler from them.

Moose Antlers Chews are incredibly nutritious

Antlers are a natural source of amino acids as well as proteins that are very important for the overall health of one dog. The best is the fact that there are no harsh chemicals or dyes included in the process of creating antlers. Despite mentioned nutrients, they are also rich in zinc, calcium, and phosphorus. Therefore, you can freely give them to your dog and he will enjoy them!

Moose Antlers Chews are very sustainable

One more beneficial thing regarding antlers chews is the fact that they are a very sustainable natural dog chew option. Additionally, they are also good for the environment since they are biodegradable.

Moose Antlers Chews are completely odorless


If you were wondering whether antlers chews have some unpleasant small so you avoid buying them for your dog, we have good news for you. They are completely odorless treats. Logically, while the dog chews it, the saliva will produce some slight odor. We suggest you just monitor your dog while he is chewing the antlers and make sure that he is doing that in a safe manner.

Moose Antlers Chews long-lasting 

We can also say that when you decide to buy antlers chews, you are going to be peaceful for a long time since they come with a long-lasting feature. More precisely, the average lifespan of one antler chew can go from six months to a year. Keeping this on your mind, this is a very good investment. Logically, the right lifespan of your dog’s antler chews will depend on his behavior, and how aggressively he is chewing. Additionally, it will depend on the size and the slice of the antler as well.

Moose Antlers Chews are good for the Dog’s Dental Health

Finally, the last benefit of antler chews that we are going to list is referring to the fact that they are very good for every dog’s dental health. In other words, they are keeping the dog’s teeth clean and in good shape. This is because chewing helps dogs to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Additionally, it redirects destructive tendencies and anxiety into an acceptable manner.

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