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We are here to appreciate the awesome beauty and incredibly cool features of nature.

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If you have any questions and Queries regarding the site you can contact us on Utsav Srinet (utsav@earthnworld.com) and Deepanker Verma (deepanker@techlomedia.com).

Our Team

Utsav Srinet

Utsav Srinet is a Nature lover and loves to explore about the planet and write different facts about it. He is very nature freak and wide knowledge about the things and facts that are related to the Earth and World. Utsav is currently working in server administration and Nature is his Hobby. Utsav loves to travel and explore things.

Deepanker Verma

Deepanker Verma is the founder of Techlomedia. He is a technology geek and writes about social media, mobile apps, and gadgets related articles. He is a reviewer and gives feedback and reviews about gadgets. He is well-known security research and WordPress developer. He is responsible for the designing and all the development work of the Earth and World. Deepanker is also an amazing photographer.

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