Top 10 Things To Pack For Any Camping Trip

Camping Trip


In simple words, ‘Camping’ means “to pass a few days away from the routine life in the lap of nature along with the company of colleagues, friend, any other group or your own”. It became a trend in the 20th Century and now is considered a ‘Recreational activity’. Camping rejuvenates the soul and the body. This recreational activity is perfect for nature and adventure lovers.

Things To Pack For Any Camping Trip


Burns, scratches, cuts or bumps can happen anytime, anywhere. One should carry a First Aid Kit everywhere, ALWAYS. While you go for a Camping Trip, one of these are bound to happen. Don’t arrive at your campsite without this. A basic first aid kit should have band-aids, a cleansing agent, cotton, antiseptic cream and a few medicines for fever, nausea or stomachache. When you go for excursions or to a recreational activity like Camping, make a bigger first aid kit with more commodities.

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Camping Trip



Unless you have a history of Scout Guide, chances are that you need some sort of aid to start a fire. Without the flame, you have limited food options and nights become difficult to bear because the temperature dips a whole lot more. Need not take any trouble by trying to light a fire by striking two stones. Go ahead and buy matches in bulk, they can last for years in your camping kit.

Camping Trip

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Ropes have various uses at a camping site, especially if you know how to tie different knots for different purposes. From making a clothes line to dry your clothes to tie the sheets for creating a shelter or pull people out of situations where they are stuck in a stream or on a hike, sometimes pull a jeep out of the muck. Bottom line: DO NOT FORGET TO CARRY ONE.

Camping Trip

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Well, every smartphone has a GPS but it wouldn’t work without a connection. Unfortunately, most of the camping sites won’t have any signal and then is the time, the map and compass would help you find the right direction. Maps and compass/watch are navigation essentials for a Camping trip or even a hike.

Camping Trip

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How to set up a tent or put up a rope or cut fruits or vegetables? A toolbox has it all to perform these activities. A mini toolbox shall have a basic manual about how to use the tools, nails, hammer, a knife, widely, known as Swiss Army Knife, is a camping essential that takes hardly any space and can do wonders. With a knife, corkscrew saw, mini scissors, screwdriver, nails, hammer and more, you can do almost any mechanical job.

Camping Trip

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Well, a Camping Trip Kit is incomplete without this one. One should buy a proper tent set. The material of the set should be able to sustain all weathers and terrains. You should carry extra sheets, it can be used as an extra base under the tent or as an extra shelter at the campsite. A tarp is a good example of the kind of sheet one needs to buy. They are easy to fold and hardly takes any space in your bag.

Camping Trip

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The most important part of our journey. It is very important to understand the kind of food one needs to carry. You should keep it in mind that you have to carry ingredients which ‘provide more in less’. Carry a lot of nuts, chocolate bars, peanut butter, fruits, biscuits, ready-to-eat, energy bars, mint flavoured candies or gum for those who tend to feel nauseous while travelling or hiking and anything which is easy to carry. And the most important, WATER! Carry a good amount of water because it is the most essential of all other intakes.

Camping Trip

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From walking towards the loo in dark to steal a midnight snack from the pack or just wander and venture the campsite, one needs a light source. Be sure to carry a few kinds of light sources, flashlights with batteries, lights which run on solar energy or human energy. Always carry an extra set of batteries and torches. Keep them in various places, where they are easily accessible.

Camping Trip

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One cannot sleep just on the Tarp sheet. You need to carry proper sleeping pads which weigh light and are thick enough to protect your back from the rough grounds. Sleeping bags stuffed with feathers are preferably better than those stuffed with cotton or any other synthetic material. Feathers keep your body warm and are very light, it is easier to pack such sleeping bags and carry around on your back.

Camping Trip

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Can you go camping or hiking in your pyjamas and slip-on? Not really! You need a set of sports shoes, hiking boots, a proper tracksuit, hat, towels and other personal clothing. Carry clothes according to the weather of your campsite. Raincoats and hiking-boots for unexpected weather conditions.

Camping Trip

These are the ‘Top 10 things to pack for any Camping Trip’. To plan a Camping Trip isn’t a child’s play. You should do a proper study about the campsite, know about the weather conditions, find about the tourist spots, and find out if it is inhabited. Apart from the things mentioned above, there is a lot more that should be carried on a Camping Trip like mosquito repellent creams, moisturizing lotion, cooking implements, bags for waste, sunscreen and other personal care products(which can vary for males and females), tissues, camp chairs, duct-tape, anti-bacterial soap, board games, whistle, radio, binoculars and the list can go one. Carrying the essentials and preparing for a trip beforehand is a must for the trip to be executed well. Hope this ‘Camping Trip’ check-list is helpful for you and you enjoy your adventure endeavour.

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