Top 10 Most Colorful Birds

Colorful Birds


For this list, we are embarking on a global bird watching trip. Nature has blessed us with beauty coming in all forms and birds definitely rank high among others. There are estimated to be more than 10,000 bird species around the world and we will be counting down the top 10 most colorful birds. So sit back and appreciate the most beautiful and colorful birds and don’t forget to comment which one is your favourite.

Colorful Birds


Considered to be the most colorful bird in the world, the Red Necked tanager is native to Eastern and parts of Southern America. Displaying an incredible array of colours, this bird top our list with its very bright, yellow-orange wings, glistening red chin, a broad blue crown and green body underneath. They make their nests in a canopy of forests and shed their gorgeous feathers once every year.

Colorful Birds

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One of the most beautiful Indian animals in the world, Peacocks belong to the pheasant family and the male species are one of the most colorful birds in the world. They are famous for exhibiting a fan of a beautiful mixture of sapphire and green feathers to attract its mate. They are found in India, Sri Lanka and other parts of Southeast Asia. A group of peacocks are known as an ‘ostentation’ (which means being showy and impressive) and they have the goods to back that up.

Colorful Birds


Mandarin duckscan be recognized at once because of its unbelievable combination of dazzling colours. The males display more colourful feathers than the females which are predominantly brown in colour with a white eye ring. This duck is native to Japan and is also a symbol of love and marriage.

Colorful Birds


These colorful bird species are found in the dense forest and woodland across Western and Southern China. Golden pheasants are famous for their extravagant plumage. They have a beautiful golden-yellow body with just a hint of red. In this case, the females are considered more beautiful than the males with distinctive breast and flanks and also striking black stripes on its tail. One of the most beautiful birds in the world do not want to fly much and spend most of their time on the ground. This bird is also often hunted for sport due to which they are endangered in the recent past.

Beautiful Birds


There’s no denying it. These wading birds are as incredibly beautiful as they are incredibly unique and they probably the most recognizable wading bird in the world. The Flamingos get their trademark pink colour from the food they eat: algae and shrimps. This special colour is what makes them so special. They are 6 different species of Flamingo and are found throughout the world apart from Antarctica. They have special glands in their plumage which help them keep their feathers exquisite and in shape. It is one of the beautiful pink animals in the world.

Beautiful Birds


Blue jays are known to be very wise, gorgeous and aggressive birds. They are found majorly in Central and Eastern America. The Blue jays have breath-taking blue and white feathers with a hint of black on its body. They get their name because of its radiant blue coloured feathers and its famous ‘jay jay’ like calls and they can also imitate the mating calls of other bird species.

Beautiful Birds


This bird’s got the features and it flaunts it! This bird’s most distinguished and impressive feature is, of course, its beak which can reach up to 20 cm in length. Its beak is edged with a tinge of blue and orange and tipped n cherry red, gorgeously set against the Rainforests where these birds love to frequent. Its plumage is mostly black with a yellow bib in the front. They use their large, colourful beaks to exert influence on the females during the mating season and this beak can also act as a defensive weapon. They are very social birds and generally live in flocks of 10 to 20.

Colorful Birds

8. The MACAW

Parrots offer all kinds of different colours for us to admire. One of the most beautiful parrots the Macaws come in multiple hues within their own species like green, scarlet, blue and gold and even the hyacinth which is the biggest in the family. The Hyacinth macaw is well known for its striking cobalt blue feather with a bright yellow ring around its eye. These vibrantly coloured birds are often associated with all places warm and sunny. Have in mind, they belong to the parrot family which means they are capable of learning and imitating other birds’ calls and even human speech. Yes, beauty and brains? They got both. Macaws are one of the longest living animals in the world.

Beautiful Parrots


Kingfishers are probably the hardest birds in the world to get on tape. Found almost all over the globe, these birds are extremely good at what they and what they do is a hunt for fishes. They are pretty small birds with long beaks and bulky bodies which makes them the masters of fishing. There are around 90 different species of kingfishers and the most common one has a colour combination of teal and rust. There is almost nothing as stylish and agile as a kingfisher in flight, diving into the water with a fixed eye on its prey.

Colorful Birds


This is far from any other normal pigeon as it has a vibrant blue plumage and it is the largest pigeon in the world and can grow up to the size of a turkey! It is also known as the Western Crowned Pigeon. This pigeon has blue-grey crests on top of its head and a blue mask around its eyes. This species may also sometimes found to be partially or completely black. They are generally found in marshy and partially flooded forests and sometimes in mountainous forests as well.

Colorful Birds


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are over 10,000 bird species. If you think there are other colorful birds which make the cut for the top ten list, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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