Top 10 Amazing Things You Can Only Find In Outer Space

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Outer space is an unexplored arena where new and intriguing objects continue to be discovered every year and despite so much progress, the only things humans can say for sure is that there is a vast amount of information they do not know about things in outer space. Here is a list of the 10 amazing things you can only find in outer space.

Things You Can Only Find In Outer Space

1. Freezing Star

In school, each one of us is taught that Stars are extremely hot bodies of gas that emit heat and light due to chemical reactions. However, in the vast universe that surrounds us, there are likely many cold stars that have temperatures below freezing. One such star known to humans is WISE 0855−0714 which is a brown dwarf having temperatures between -48 and −13 C. This example is a unique one and is still being studied to find the cause for such temperatures and the future of this star.

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Things in Outer Space

2. Diamond Planet

Just when you think you know about space, there comes along an extremely strange thing that you can find only in space! The Diamond planet, known to scientists as ‘55 Cancri E’ is a planet that has a core made of carbon and judging by the pressure and temperature of this planet, it is estimated that most of this core may be in the form of diamonds. Though there is no scope of humans reaching this planet anytime soon, the value of all this diamond has been evaluated at 27 nonillion dollars (27 followed by 30 zeros). The mass of this planet if 7.8 times that of Earth and the first person to figure out how to extract this diamond will definitely become rich beyond measure.

Things in Outer Space

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3. Shooting Star

A shooting star is not actually a star but a meteorite traveling very fast that leads to a tail like structure to appear due to burning up of the surface of the meteorite. However, one of the strange things found in outer space is an actual star that travels fast enough to develop this tail. Mira is an actual red giant star that travels so fast through the galaxy that it too has a tail behind it, making it one of the few shooting stars that are actually a star. Mira is not very easy to spot and cannot be seen through the naked eye.

Things in Outer Space

4. Gravitational Lens

Gravity is a force that exists between any two bodies but in space, it does much more than just pull things towards it. One of the strange objects found in outer space is a gravitational lens that is not an actual lens but a play of light when the distance between the source and observer is very large. In such a case, a matter between the source and observer bends the light and it appears that objects in between are passing through a lens. This phenomenon gives very valuable insight into the behavior of light around gravity in space.

Things in Outer Space

5. Alcohol Cloud

Space clouds are some of the most beautiful and mysterious things in outer space and though they look similar, their composition is very different. About 3500 light years from Earth, there is one such space cloud that consists mostly of Ethanol, the main component of alcohol humans consume. This cloud is enormous and spans 300 million miles in space. According to most estimates, the amount of alcohol in this cloud is enough to fill 400 trillion pints of beer.

Things in Outer Space

6. Supernova

The life of a star in space spans for many billions of years and stars is one of the fascinating things in outer space. Towards the end of a star’s life, it usually explodes and forms what is called a supernova. A supernova is as bright as 100 million Suns though this brightness lasts only for a short time. However, recent studies have shown that there is another way for a star to die and after this, it forms an unnova. An unnova is a star that collapses on itself but does not emit a large number of energy particles. The in some cases the energy is emitted in the form of gamma rays.

Things in Outer Space

7. Magnetic Cloud

A magnetic cloud is a transient event that occurs on the surface of the Sun during solar winds. The magnetic cloud occurs only if there is a very specific set of environmental conditions present and lasts for a very short while. It results in the creation of an area that has a very high magnetic pull which is not normally seen in space.

Things in Outer Space

8. Pillars of Creation

The Hubble Telescope was one of the landmarks in human space exploration and pictures taken by this telescope have given us great insight into space and have led to the discovery of new things in outer space. One of the most popular pictures taken by this telescope is nicknamed ‘Pillars of Creation’ and looks like a swirling landscape from a sci-fi movie. These pillars are actually masses of hydrogen and dust particles. These pillars are the initial stages of the birth of a star and this is what gave it this name. This picture was taken in the Eagle Nebula, some 7,000 light years from Earth.

Things in Outer Space

9. Trifid Nebula

A Trifid nebula is an unusual object in outer space located in the constellation Sagittarius, some 5,000 light years from Earth. It consists of an open cluster of stars, an emission nebula, a reflection nebula and a dark nebula. It was photographed from Earth and appears to be a large ball of swirling space dust. It’s intriguing appearance made is one of the most popular pictures of an outer space object ever taken.

Things in Outer Space

10. Galactica Cannibalism

The name ‘galactica cannibalism’ sounds like a horrific ritual from an alien movie, but is actually the name given to a common phenomenon seen among things in outer space. It refers to the process by which a large galaxy ‘eats’ a smaller one i.e. merges with it due to gravitation and results in a larger irregular galaxy. This is a very slow process and such cannibalism among nearby galaxies has been tracked from the Earth.

Things in Outer Space

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