Top 9 Wonderful Australian Animals

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Evolution is a fascinating phenomenon and the geographically isolated continent of Australia has, over the years been home to a variety of unique species, 80% of which are endemic to the country. This makes Australian animals one of a kind and a delight to know. Along with Australian animals, you will be surprised to know most dangerous animals in the world. The climate of the country is mostly arid and dry and a very small percentage of the land is cultivable. Also, you can read about most dangerous amazon rainforest animals. The water supply is also very limited but despite this, it one of the mot biologically diverse countries in the world and has 15 regions nationally declared as biodiversity hot spots. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing Australian animals,

Wonderful Australian Animals

1. Kangaroo

The Kangaroo is undoubtedly the most remarkable and iconic Australian animal endemic to the country. There are four species of kangaroos and together, their population in Australia is more than that of people. Using their powerful hind legs, they can jump a distance of 15 feet at a time. They are also known for the pouch that the female has in which the newborn kangaroo (joey) lives for nine months until it is fully developed. The Kangaroo is Australia’s national symbol. Here, we have also covered few strongest animals in the world.

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australian animals

2. Koala

Though this animal is frequently called the Kala Bear, it is more closely related to kangaroos than bears. Koalas usually live in Eucalyptus forests and are adapted to living on a tree, where they spend most of their lives. They have grey or brown woolly fur.Also, one of the slowest animals that can live for a long time without water – they get most of their water requirement from the eucalyptus leaves they eat. You can also read about few nocturnal animals that are only active in the night.

australian animals

3. Platypus

Platypuses are by far the strangest looking of Australian animals and look like they have the beak of a duck, bodies like an otter, feet like a duck and the tail like a beaver. They are extremely rare and found only in Eastern Australia. They also have thick waxy waterproof fur that helps them to dry faster and keeps them warm. Male platypuses have poison producing glands on their legs but this is not fatal to humans. The most amazing thing about this Australian animal is that it is one of the two mammals in the world that lays eggs. You should also know about few animals found in Arctic region.

australian animals

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4. Emu

The third largest bird in the world, this flightless creature is native to Australia and may grow up to 6 feet in height. It lives in wooded areas and grassland and is also commercially reared for its eggs and meat. Using their long muscled legs, emus can run at speeds of more than 40 kilometers per hour and have talons on their feet.

australian animals

5. Wombat

This distinct looking animal lives underground on the grasslands and mountains of South-eastern Australia. There are three species differentiated by the hair on their nose (bare nose and hairy-nosed) and they grow between 2.5 and 3.5 feet in size. They dig burrows up to 1 meter deep and venture out for foraging only at night. While hairy-nosed wombats live in colonies, barely nosed wombats are solitary animals and live alone in burrows.

australian animals

6. Echidna

The Echidna is a small animal about 15 inches in length and weighing around 6 kilos. It has hair and spines on its body to protect against predators and when it is under attack, it rolls itself into a ball to project the spines and drive away the attacker. The most striking feature is that it is one of two mammals in the world which lay eggs, the other being the platypus. They do not have teeth and use their superior sense of smell to locate insects underground, which it feeds on.

australian animals

7. Black Swan

As is evident by the name, the black swan has black plumage, a red beak, and white wing tips. Within Australia too, it is found within the limited area of Southern Australia in wetlands. It is a large bird with a wingspan of around 2 meters and weighs up to 9 kilos. Every year during the breeding season, they build nests in the wetland and lay four to seven eggs. At the end of this season, they shed their feathers – called molting – and regrow them by next mating season.

australian animals

8. Greater Bilby

This small animal distinctly recognized by its large pointed ears and snout lives underground and is endemic to Australia. They are expert diggers and live in burrows to hide from predators like dingoes and foxes. They avoid coming out during the day and forage for food – both animals and plants – during the night. They are solitary animals with males being larger than females and come together only once a year during the mating season.

australian animals

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9. Dingo

This is a type of wild dog introduced to the continent of Australia about 5,000 years ago and has since then flourished in the forests, woodlands, and grasslands in the country. They are Australia’s largest land-based predators and attack in groups of less than 10, which helps them bring down much larger animals like kangaroos. They usually feed on rabbits, rats and other rodents, wallabies, and kangaroos. Their size and behavior is similar to that of wolves and they use howling noises to communicate. We all know Dog are humans best friends and we have specified under largest dog breeds, biggest dog breeds and small dog breeds. You can also read about best guard dogs for security.

australian animals

Since most of these animals are endemic to Australia, they cannot be seen anywhere outside this continent. There are few animals found only in Africa. So when are you planning to visit this southern continent to see some of these amazing Australian animals?

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