Top 10 Most Famous Churches In The World

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Churches have for long, been not just symbols of religious dedication and holiness but also seats of political power and means to project royal authority. Commissioning magnificent and expensive churches was a way for the royals to show their financial power and their connection to the divine powers. Many of the churches in this list of most famous churches have a long political and religious history and have stood witness to some of the most dramatic events in human history. They also show what dramatic results can be obtained by the combination of audacious engineering, ingenious architecture and dedicated craftsmanship.

Famous Churches In The World

1. Sagrada Familia

This Church located in Barcelona, Spain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a Roman Catholic Church planned by architect Antoni Gaudí and its construction began in 1882. However, it remains incomplete till today. This is mainly because of its gigantic size which means that in the time taken to complete building the original plan, the earliest construction would need to be renovated and this process would never end. We have also covered about largest Hindu temples around the world.  It is estimated that a tour of the whole church would take about a week.

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Famous Churches

2. Saint Basil’s Cathedral

This famous church is located in Moscow, the capital of Russia and marks the exact center of the city. It was completed in 1561 under the reign of Ivan the Terrible and has a very colorful architecture unusual for a church. Like the Sagrada Familia, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is perhaps one of the most famous Churches in the world because it appears in many movies. We have also listed beautiful castles Built Around the World.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral, one of famous churches located in Moscow, Russia

3. Notre Dame de Paris

This church, also called the Notre Dame Cathedral is located in central Paris and was built over more than century in the medieval period. The architecture of the church reflects the traditional medieval style in the form of columns, spires, and statuary. It is one of the major tourist attractions of France and continues to inspire artists and architects. History has many symbols, here are few beautiful castles built around the world.

Famous Churches

4. St. Peter’s Basilica

This Roman Catholic Church is the seat of Papal power and is located in Vatican City, an enclave in Italy. This church was designed at the height of the Renaissance by the famous artist Michelangelo and has the tallest dome in the world measuring more than 136 meters. It has become the most famous church in Vatican and one of the most popular tourist sites in Europe.

Famous Churches

5. Westminster Abbey

This famous church is situated in London and is one of the iconic buildings in the country. It was built in the 10th century and today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Thames River and Westminster Palace are both located near the Abbey and the Gothic architecture draws many tourists each year. The Westminster Abbey is also the place for the burial and coronation of the royal family and national heroes so have special significance as a structure of national importance.

Famous Churches

6. St Paul’s Cathedral

The next famous church is also located in London, on top of a hill – the highest point in London. It is the seat of the Bishop of the Church of England. The church in its current form was built in the 17th century though its predecessor, the earlier St. Paul’s Cathedral was built in 604 AD.

Famous Churches

7. Church of the Nativity

This Basilica is located in Bethlehem, Palestine and is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus. One of the Famous Churches around the world. Its construction was started by Constantine in 327AD and today it is UNESCO World Heritage Site. This church, however, does not see many tourists because of the ongoing conflict in Palestine, but some believe the truly devout worshippers are protected from all danger by a divine power.

Famous Churches

8. Church of the Holy Sepulchre

This church is also called the Church of Resurrection because it is believed to have been built on the land where Jesus was crucified and then resurrected. It is located in the Old City within Jerusalem in Israel and was built by the first generation of Christians in the world. It is one of the holiest sites for Christians and has been worshiped since the 4th century.

Famous Churches

9. Saint Mark’s Basilica

This church was constructed in 1650 in Venice, Italy and is the most famous church in Venice. It is an example of Byzantine architecture. The first church located at this site was commissioned in 832 AD and has been rebuilt many times since then. Due to its striking architectural style, it draws many tourists.

Famous Churches

10. Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia has, through the years been a Greek Orthodox Church, a Roman Catholic Church, a Mosque and is currently a national museum. It is also one of the Famous Churches around the world.  Its construction started in 537, but it was completed after about nine hundred years in 1453. Until today, its engineering and architecture is considered a major achievement. The building was converted into a museum and opened in 1935 and located in Istanbul, it overlooks the crossing between the continents of Asia and Europe.

Famous Churches

These symbols of Christianity have today grown to have significance beyond the religious. They are major tourist attractions for people from all parts of the world and from all religions and are also symbols of national pride. Today, they are studied for their historical, architectural, cultural and religious importance and are testaments to the creative feats human beings can achieve. So, you have read about famous churches around the world. Now, you must be thinking of best places to celebrate to Christmas in Europe. You can also read about tallest buildings in the world.

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