Global Warming: Reason of Rise in Western Wildfires,Time to Act Now?

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Here is a bad news, around 44 percent of western wildfires has been burned since 1984. The primary reason behind these fires is none other than Global warming which we all are experiencing in today’s scenario. One thing is for sure that the end has been started and its time for us to reach and act or else it will be too late. Carbon content keeps on increasing in our atmosphere due to n number of reasons and making the survival of human and other species difficult on Earth.

Western Wildfires

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Let me give you a little overview of what happened in Western forest fires, as per scientist rising temperature has caused the in that area which is very destructive we see the analytics, the number of acres burned during consecutive years has been increased in folds from 1984 to 2015. Researchers of National Academy of Sciences has said that climate pollution and natural changes are two of the major reasons behind these fires.

Stats of forest fire for Western Wildfires

The point is very simple human race is increasing in the fold and we have become so dependent on energy that over a century of deforestation, burning coal and farming is pushing our forest into the wildfire. If the same will continue in the near future, we will be seeing worst results along with more destruction. One of the bad effects of these wildfires is that we are losing some of the world’s oldest trees.

University of Arizona scientist said in a statement, “The authors clearly demonstrate that a human influence on wildland fire as a consequence of global warming isn’t just a prediction for the future — it’s happening now,”

Scientists are researching on forest dryness and one of the major reason is climate pollution for western wildfires. The more forest will be dry the more will be probability to catch fire as simple as that. Scientists are basically focusing on last 30 years’ data. As per Anchukaitis, one of the scientist in panel said, “The exact percentage of human contribution remains uncertain, but the overall relationship — an increase in fuel aridity, fire days, and fire extent — is clear and significant,”

Stats for Western Wildfires

We have lost approximately 10.4 acres of land during last 30 years in large western wildfires. Scientists said as per their research that global warming and climate pollution are main reasons why we are losing our forest.

A geographer based at the University of Idaho said, the “compounding effects” of climate change and natural weather fluctuations are “giving rise to this remarkable increase in forest fire activity,” He absolutely correct from my point of view because global warming is also one of the major reasons for natural weather changes at any point in time. We all are experiencing changes in our environment as compared to the previous decade.

All the countries around the world experiencing global warming but it is more rapid in western countries due to slow moving ocean cycle. You must have heard about Pacific Decadal Oscillation which is influencing our climate. There can be numerous reasons for forest fires such as afflicting grasslands and many other reasons. A little ignition also needs to get the fire started and that is provided by lightning, campfires and arsonists. As of now, scientists are only focusing on the role of temperature in western wildfires.

Max Moritz, a fire and research scientist based at the University of California, Berkeley said, “While this paper is an important contribution, we still face several open questions about other drivers of change on fire regimes,”. He also added, “We need to re-examine where and how we build our communities so that we can learn how to better coexist with wildfire — similar to how we’ve adapted to other natural hazards.”

Forest Fire

United nations climate treaty that will come to effect from next month which will indirectly or indirectly help us in reducing our dependency on climate. We need to work on alternatives to coal. A cleaner energy source which will help us in protecting or mother nature. All the nations again have to come on one platform just like we did it in Paris climate summit to review the status of earth climate. Nations also have to develop a blueprint how we all together can move in one direction and save effects of global warming. Western wildfires are the starting and many more major destructions are coming if we will start acting now.

Source: Climate Central

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