China Will Cover Quarter Of Country In Forest By 2020. Let’s Wait For 2020!

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Here is a great news, China has announced that it will cover approximately a whole quarter in forest cover by the end of 2020.As per the United Nations report, the government of China will cover nearly a quarter of the country into forest cover by the end of 2020. Yes, you have calculated right in next 4 years.


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Zhu Guangyao, executive vice president of the Chinese Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association said, “The outdated view that man can conquer nature and ignore the bearing capacity of resources and the environment should be completely abandoned,” He also added, “Conscientious efforts should be made to live in harmony with nature, allowing for a new approach to modernization characterized by such co-existence.”

China also mentioned in the report that they are pledged to cut water usage by 23%, energy usage by 15% and last but not the least energy consumption by 18%. The figures submitted by China looks amazing in order to conserve nature and wildlife in the country. They also added to restore their 35 percent of natural shorelines and increase vegetation coverage by 56 percent. Chia also working to reclaim half of the reclaimable desert in the country which in our point of view looks impossible. however, if they will achieve these figures it will be an amazing news for country and Planet Earth. China listed on the fifth spot in terms of largest forest area.

China Forest Cover

News looks great and figures submitted by China in United nations is amazing but the point is that should we trust China? We are little concerned to hear this coming from China. We’re hearing “harmony” and forgetting that this is a country that still practices infanticide and imprisons families for having too many children. However, if they achieve the target then this will be one of the greatest effort by any country around the world in preserving nature. One more point going in our mind, is it possible to cover a quarter of China under forest by 2020? I doubt seriously on intentions. however, if they will achieve even 50% of the target then for sure it will be very helpful for China and Nature.

Sunshine in Forest

Let’s see in 2020 before we judge. The fact is that this would be a great solution. All the best Chine. Hope you will make it. We are with you.

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