VIDEO:100,000 Orbits! International Space Station Hits Huge Milestone

Astronaut Repairing International Space Station revolving in Space-2


Here comes another achievement from International Space Station (ISS), It just completed its 100,000th orbit of Earth on Monday morning. This is confirmed by the NASA officials.

NASA astronaut Jeff Williams said in a video, “This is a significant milestone and is a tribute to this international partnership, made up of the European Space Agency, of Russia, Canada, Japan and the United States,”

The very first component of International Space launched on Nov. 20, 1998. Since then it is revolving around the Sun at a speed of 17,500 mph. It is completing every single orbit around the planet in 90 minutes. The Space Station is very helpful in exploring the facts of Earth and many Space facts that are still unexplored. International Space Station (ISS) placed at an altitude 240 miles.

Astronaut Repairing International Space Station revolving in Space-2


Initially, at the early stages of ISS no one is living there but now it is 100n billion apartment with a five-bedroom house which is occupied by astronaut’s researchers. There are around 6 members can survive on International Space Station at a time. Till now around 222 people have made their mark at the ISS over the past 15.5 years. There are few Space tourists also included in the list who paid their own expenses to visit ISS as confirmed by NASA officials.

International Space Station revolving in Space

There are 1900 experiments that are currently running on International Space Station in order to explore as much solar system as we can and even more. International Space Station is scheduled to orbit Earth till 2024 though some of the NASA officials confirmed that orbit will be extended till 2028. Now you must be thinking how NASA officials will bring back ISS? ISS will be intentionally deorbited over the stretch of ocean and most of the components will be get burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Before you watch the video, Let me list few facts about International Space Station that you must know,

  • ISS flies at a speed of 4.791 miles per second. It takes only 90 minutes to complete one orbit around the Earth. It will go the moon and come back in a day with the same speed it flies.
  • NASA has built 136 space flights and launched on seven different vehicles to put ISS in orbit.
  • ISS weight is around 1 million pounds and it also includes visiting spacecraft.
  • ISS has around 8 miles of wire to connect its electrical power system. Surprised!
  • As mentioned in the article, ISS has 6 living bedrooms. Also, two bathrooms, a 360-degree bay window, and a gymnasium.

VIDEO: International Space Station Hits Huge Milestone

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