The Moon: Silently protecting us?

Earth And Moon

We all know that the Earth is a blue sphere and this is the only planet in our solar system where life is possible. The activities going beneath the earth are responsible for sustaining life on this planet. The rolling mass containing nickel, iron alloy, and solid iron. This is covering approximately 6 thousand miles in diameter. There is one outer core also and they both generate a magnetic field that keeps away the harmful charged particles coming from Sun. This is one of the major contributions of our planet in sustaining life. There are many facts about Earth that you don’t know

Earth And Moon

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Now, here comes one of the facts about Moon that you must know. The Moon is one of the major reasons why we are breathing on the Earth. As per the latest study was done by the Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Scientist belongs to National Center for Scientific Research located in France says that the Moon is also one of the major reason in saving the life on the Earth. Now, you must be thinking that the Moon is 230,000 miles away from Earth, how it helps in saving life on Earth. According to the researchers, a large chunk of iron allows situated at the core of the Moon is also very helpful in maintaining the magnetic field that protects our planet.

The Moon

Now, you know the role of the Moon in sustaining the life on Earth. Let go to the core of our existence. Some of you have heard about dynamo theory, Earth magnetic field is generated by the conductive liquid core. The outer core generates electric current when it moves and in contrary generates a magnetic field. As per the research from Denis Andrault and team, the Magnetic field will disappear in about 20 thousand years. Space facts are unlimited and from my point of view, it’s impossible to explore each and everything in Space.

One question arises here, How the outer core keep moving? There is one classical that explains this mystery. It says Earth rotation make iron alloy movement. This is called Coriolis effect. The heat generated from the radioactive decay is supposed to induce motion in the outer core of Earth.

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