People Were Making Beer In China 5,000 Years Ago

We all love beers, of course, yes. It is believed that the beer has been innovated thousands of years ago, although the way it was created and recipes vary with the time around the world. As per the new study, China is the oldest country where beer has been made, it was around 5,000 years ago.

As per the paper published in PNAS researchers, it has the evidence that the beer making in China happened in around 5,000 years ago. In other words, we can say around 3,400 BC. Now you must be thinking what are the evidence that made the researchers conclude that the beer has been made 5,000 years ago. As per the study, we have there are remains of artifacts and plant that indicated the presence of beer making. See the below picture, it is a Beer Artifact a kind of funnel that is used for making beer in China.

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amphorae used in making beer in China

Image Source: Jiajing Wan0067

Researchers also found some amphorae kind of storage containers and in the interior we have the evidence of oxalate; it is a byproduct of the brewing process when the they are making beer in China. They also have evidence of barley grown in the country around 1,000 years ago. The point is that the current evidence is 1,000 years earlier than the previous evidence.

Also, it is not like that it is the only one ancient beer that researchers have found out there are many more ancient recipes that are thousand years old. The modern industry also created beer as per the ancient recipes. They also have evidence of the barley beer that was identified in Iran around 3,400 BC.

Beer in the Container

Now, let me tell some of the unknown facts about beer that you should know,

  • Beer is the world’s most highly consumed alcoholic drink and a third one in the drinks after water and tea.
  • As per the Guinness Book of World Records, Steven Petrosino of New Cumberland consumed 1 liter of beer in 1.3 seconds. He is the World Beer Chugging Champion.
  • Beer increases strength in the bones. It is highly rich in silicon and minerals that increase calcium deposits.
  • Beer and marijuana have many things in common, Beer’s hops belong to the same family flower plants as of marijuana.
  • The beer foam is one of the most important parts of the beer and it says many things about the quality of the beer. It is formed by the complex carbon dioxide reaction. If the head of the foam is not there it can be said that the beer is flat and bland-tasting.


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