Top 10 Animals That Could Disappear Forever



Each and every different animal that are living on the Earth has its contribution in one or the other way in balancing our Nature. We can’t imagine a planet without animals. The animals that are living on the planet is very useful to human s since ages. So one thing is very sure that the rate at which the animals becoming extinct from the planet it is a matter of worry for us and for the planet Earth too. Some animals are already extinct and some are on the verge of extinction. So, here are 10 animals that could disappear forever,

Animals That Could Disappear Forever

1. Amur Leopard

The Amur leopard mainly found in Northeast Asia is one of the critically endangered animals in the world. The current number has left only to 57. The main reason behind the declining population is considered to be forest fires and illegal logging since 1970. The leopard is famous for its beautiful thick coat and this is also the reason why they are hunted so heavily. Similarly, Jaguar is one of most dangerous Amazon rainforest animals. You can also read most dangerous amazon rainforest animals.


2. Iberian Lynx

Iberian Lynx is also one of the critically endangered species of cat in the world. There are only 100 Iberian Lynx left in different parts of the world. They are mainly found in south western parts of Spain. The human activities in these parts are one of the main reasons for the extinction of the species. They are known for their beautiful fur and they are also hunted heavily for this reason. The population of the species is now increasing because of the efforts of Spanish National and Regional Administrations.



3. Sumatran Tiger

The Sumatran tiger is mostly found in Sumatran Island of Indonesia. Till 1978 their population was estimated to be about 1000 now only 400 Sumatran Tiger left in the world. The reason for the declining population was deforestation and illegal poaching. They are also one of the endangered animals in the world.

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4. Mountain Gorilla

As the name suggests they are the subspecies of gorilla. They are mostly found in the high mountains of Africa. There is only 900 type of mountain gorilla left today. The growing population of humans in the areas of mountain gorillas and the deforestation are the two primary reasons for the declining population of the animal. They are now found in only two national parks Bwindi national park in Uganda and Virunga national park in Congo. The efforts have been put by the gorilla conservation department and they are seeing a positive rise in the population of the animal.


5. Black Rhino

The Black rhino is a species of rhinoceros that will weight around 1.4 tons. They are mostly found in grasslands of south western Africa. Till the 1960s, there are about 70 thousand rhinoceros present in Africa. Today we have only 2500 rhinoceros. The mail reason for the drastic decline in the rhinoceros population is hunting and poaching for the lengthy horns.


6. California Condor

The California condor is the largest bird found in North America and they are one of the critically endangered species in the world. Most of the population of bird has been lost in the 80’s due to shooting, poisoning, and habitat loss. There are only 22 California condor birds left today. The Conservation plan from U.S government helps in increasing the population of the bird to 200 and another 160 is in captivity.

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7. Hawaiian Monk Seal

They are found in the Hawaiian Islands and one of the rare marine animals. They are two types of monk seals one is Hawaiian monk seal and the other is Mediterranean monk seal. The Hawaiian monk seal if not preserved will become extinct in the near future for sure. There are only 200 Hawaiian monk seals left today in the world. Hunting is the main reason f r the declining population of the Hawaiian Monk Seal.


8. Brazilian Merganser

They are mostly found in rivers and streams of Southern Brazil. There is only 250 Brazilian Merganser left today. The main reason for the drastic decline in the population is illegal logging, habitat loss, and mining. The increasing tourism, mining or logging in the areas and the growing population of the humans will lead to the disappearance of the species forever.


9. Blue-throated Macaw

They are one of the most beautiful parrot species that are mostly found in Northern parts of Bolivia. They are known for their striking plumage and blue throat. We have only 100 blue-throated macaws left in the world. They only build their nest on the motacu palms. The increasing deforestation causes the decline of these trees and hence the bird is facing habitat loss.

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10. Bactrian Camel

They are mostly found in the Gobi desert, Northwest China, and South Mongolia. They are also considered to be the ancestors of the domestic camel found today. They have two humps rather than single hump that are fund in domestic camel. We have only 1000 Bactrian camel left in the world. The main reason for the declining population is hunting and habitat loss.


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