10 Fascinating Facts About Newyork City

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Newyork City is one of the beautiful places in the United States . There are about 8.4 million people living in Newyork in a land area of 305 square miles. Newyork is called New York City or the City of New York to distinguish it from the State of New York. The city also has headquarter of the United Nations. It is also termed as the cultural and financial capital of the world. New York City has five administrated panels at Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. The place is also considered to be home for international diplomacy. These are the very normal information about the city but there many astonishing facts of the city that you don’t know. Let me give you an example the city is also known as The Big Apple. Surprised? We will explain later why it is called by this name also. So, here we are listing 10 fascinating facts about Newyork City.

Facts About Newyork City

1. In 1789, Newyork was made the first official capital of the United States but it only lasted for one year.

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Newyork City

2. Here is the reason why the city is called the ‘The Big Apple’. The name has been popularized by the John J. Fitz Gerald in The New York Morning Telegraph when he said that he going to the Big Apple”. There is a story behind it, the different researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology has managed to explore much big horse racing course are referred to as Apple in Newyork city possibly because horses liked apples. The smaller tracks are called bull rings.

Newyork City

3. Newyork is one of the most diverse city in the world with around 800 languages spoken the population of the city.

Newyork City

4. The Empire state building located in the city has its own zip code.

Newyork City

5. The Great scientist Albert Einstein eyes have been suitably placed somewhere in the city in a safe box.

Newyork City

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6. One in every 21 Newyorker is a millionaire. Surprised!

Newyork City

7. The city has the highest population of Polish after Warsaw.

Newyork City

8. There is an adequate number of Chinese people living in the city than any other city outside of China. Also, there are adequate Jewish people living in the city than any other city outside of Israel.

Newyork City

9. The world’s 25 percent gold bars have been store under the vaults of the Wall Street in Newyork City. The federal reserve bank of the country.

Gold bars

10. Newyork is all set to open the first world’s first underground park in 2018.

Newyork City

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