10 Faces Of Our Mother Nature

Mother Nature


Nature is a very broad term; it includes all the things natural, physical, material world or universe. In a very term, we can say Nature is life. Nature can be distinguished in two parts geology and wildlife. It can be also referred as the general realm of plants and animals. Nature teaches us a lesson. Nature gives us happiness in different forms. Nature can be cruel lie Tsunami, earthquakes. In short, Nature behaves exactly how we treat our Mother Nature.

Here we are listing 10 different forms of our Nature in photographs.

Faces Of Our Mother Nature

1. A Paradise

Nature is a Paradise for sure.

Mother Nature


2. Surprising

Nature at the same time is very surprising. Here is the pink lake in Western Australia.

Mother Nature

3. Dangerous

Nature can be very dangerous in the form of earthquakes, tsunami, volcano eruption, tornado and much more.

Mother Nature

4. Full of Contrasts

See how a volcanic eruption caused a total contrast in our Nature.

Mother Nature

5. Deep

See how deep is our Nature in the form of Oceans.


6. Calm and Inspiring

Nature taught us everything in some form or other. Likewise, Nature taught us how to be calm and inspiring.

Mother Nature

7. Colourful

Nature is very colorful in the form of Trees and Flowers.

Wedding Flowers

8. Adorably Sweet

We humans here distinguish between us in the name of caste, creed, sex etc. But Nature in the form of other lives always teaches us how to love each other.

Mother Nature

9. Show us the way

Nature always taught us how to keep moving and head towards a positive life.

Mother Nature

10. Peacefully Accepting Humans Excellence and Destruction

Nature is so calm and composed in its own way that it is accepting both our excellence and destruction in a very soft way. We are cutting trees and making bridges and many things just in the name of development. We are totally ignoring our nature.

Mother Nature

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