10 Amazing Animal Moms who justify that Mother’s Day is as Special for them as for humans.

Animal moms


Who are Mothers? Mothers are the one who bring us in this world. They are the one who feed us so that we can grow to the adulthood. They are the one who grasp in their arms and help us in many things that are need for the survival. The love of the mothers are indistinguishable both in the humans and animals. Animal moms have same feeling as of humans.

Here are the 10 photos that totally signify the love in animal kingdom. The pictures are taken from the newly published books Zoo-born: Motherly Love. They are taken from the various zoos across the world that shows how the mothers pour love on their children.

Animal Moms who justify that Mother’s Day is as Special for them as for humans

1. Polar Bear

You can see in the first pic the reaction of polar bear when the child kisses him. The sense of love between the mother and the child we can feel by just constantly staring at the pic. Polar bear cubs are totally dependent for 2 years for their survival.



Source: Discover Magazine

2. Sumatran Tiger

The mother Tiger shwing all the love for his cub by watching in his eyes and talking in thier language. Sumatran tiger are critically endagered and only few hundred left in the various zooz all around world.

The picture is taken in  Aalborg Zoo in Denmark.



Source: Discover Magazine

3. Hyena Mother

The picture shows hyena cub commonly known as pinduli taking the ear of her mother in his mouth. Hyena has only 20 per cent of chances in giving birth to his child. These species usually lives in large groups. The female hyena are the sole providers of pinduli.

It’s also a tough life for cubs in the wild

Hyena Mother


Source: Discover Magazine

4. Siamang Sprawl

Now here is the time for rest. The tiny siamang sprawl lying on her mother. It seems the baby is too much tired. The picture is taken at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. Siamings are best known for their loud singing ability. They usually sing loud to show their close bonds with their pair. The father and mother both help in growth of the baby Siamings. One of the best animal moms picture that i have seen.

Siamang Sprawl

Source: Discover Magazine

5. Tapir

The whole zoo staff of Nashville Zoo Animal Care has waited for more than 14 months for the arrival of this baby Baird’s tapir. Accoding to the zoo staff when this baby Baird’s tapir was born there iss some issue with breathing problem because of baby’s embryonic sac did not break. Now the calf is all right nad known as Felix.


Source: Discover Magazine

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6. Tamanduas

Here is the picture of baby Tamanduas riding on  his mother back. One of the best animal moms picture that i have seen. Tamanduas usually gives birth to one child in an year. The baby Tamanduas spent most of time riding on the mothers back. The mother Tamanduas also sometimes drop the baby on the trees when she needs a presonal time for forage.


Source: Discover Magazine

7. Guenon

Guenon is an amazing first-time mother. They live in dense forest with very less observation. The researchers has to say that  they are very colourful and playful monkey.


Source: Discover Magazine

8. Kangaroo

A kangaroo mother playing with her baby in the pouch. The photograph is taken at Hanging Rock, outside Melbourne, Australia.


Photograph by Robert Parviainen, MY SHOT

9.Giraffe Mother

Giraffe mother and calf playing with each other at St. Louis Zoo


Photograph BY Mart Mcclain, MY SHOT

10. Bear

The mother bear greets her cub.


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