10 Things You Should Know About Kyoto City in Japan

Kyoto city

Kyoto city used to be the capital of Japan for over millions of years. Kyoto is a beautiful city in the heart of Japan that has one mayor and city of councils like any other Japan city. It is also known as City of Ten Thousand Shrines. Kyoto beauty lies in its temples and parks. The population of the city is about 1.5 million. It is located in the central part of Honshu, Japan. So, here are the 10 things you should know about Kyoto (City in Japan)

Things You Should Know About Kyoto City in Japan

1. The Central part of Kyoto has its beautiful Kyoto station and also the amazing Imperial Palace. Talking about the Western part, Kyoto is covered by the hills of Arashiyama. This part of Kyoto is considered to be beautiful both in the sense of historical and natural wonder. Also, read about a few places to see cherry blossoms around the world.

Kyoto city

2. The Eastern part of Kyoto has Kamo River and also the temples that are built on the hills of Higashiyama. The North part of Kyoto is dedicated to the centuries-old temples and shrines. Also, read about the best tourist attractions in Japan.

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Kyoto city

3. There are fourteen world heritage sites from Kyoto that are listed below according to the directions,
Northern Kyoto: Kinkaku-ji, Ryōan-ji, Ninna-ji, Kōzan-ji, Shimogamo Shrine, Kamigamo Shrine
Central Kyoto: Nijō Castle, Nishi Hongan-ji, Tō-ji
Eastern Kyoto: Kiyomizu-dera, Ginkaku-ji
Western Kyoto: Tenryū-ji, Koke-dera
Southern Kyoto: Daigo-ji

Kyoto city

4. The Southern part of Kyoto has the maximum area covered stretching from the Oharano area in the west to Fushimi-Ku, Daigo. Also, read about the best places to visit in Japan.

Kyoto city

5. There are many palaces and villas also like Imperial Place in Central Kyoto, Katsura Imperial Villa in Western Kyoto, Shugakuin Imperial Villa in North Kyoto.

Kyoto city

6. The gardens that are located within each palace and villas. They can be best viewed in autumn where you can find colors that will provide peace to your mind.

Kyoto city

7. There are many ways by which you can reach Kyoto. Kyoto doesn’t have its own airport and it is served by Osaka airport. The connectivity between these two cities is just excellent by whatever medium you will opt to train or road.

Castles in Japan

8. There are many ways to reach Kyoto but we will suggest you the best and cheapest route. If you are coming from the different country then you have to land at Itami airport. This is Kansai largest domestic airport.

Kyoto city

9. There are limousine buses run from the airport to Kyoto Station and it will take you directly to the Kyoto City. The trip will take an hour and cost you around ¥1,280.

Kyoto city

10. It is also known as City of Ten Thousand Shrines.

Kyoto city

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    Trees are realy beautiful. I would go to these places if i would get a chance.

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