Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds In The World

Everyone loves to cuddle with a cute cat once in a while, but do you know about these 10 largest cat breeds? In the wild, the ‘cat family’, scientifically called Felidae consists of 37 species, of which the domestic or house cat is only one. Wild cousins of the house cat include lions, tigers, leopards, pumas and lynxes. However, since people are not allowed to own wild animals as pets, here are the next best thing in terms of size – the top ten largest cats you can keep as house guests!

Largest Cat Breeds In The World

1. Maine Coon

First discovered in the state of Maine in the United States of America, this cat tops the list of the 10 largest cats due to its huge size and gentle nature. A full grown male can weigh up to 11 kilograms while females weigh about 5 kilograms. This cuddly cat has a thick coat of fur which can be brown, red, black, white or silver in color and gives it a fluffy appearance, making it a favorite with big cat lovers.

Maine Coon

2. Burmese Cat

As the name suggests, this cat traces its roots back to Burma (now Myanmar) and has been around as a separate breed since the 1930s. Due to its highly muscular body and soft fur coat, it is often described as a “brick wrapped in silk”. The color is usually dark brown, but variations have been seen in the form of silver-gray, blush, and beige fur coats. These cats are very friendly, intelligent and active.

largest cat breeds

3. Egyptian Mau

Characterized by its long and lean body, the Mau is the most ancient cat breed to appear on this list of ten largest cat breeds. It also shows up in ancient Egyptian artwork and was worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. It has a bright spotted coat – a base color of silver, gray or bronze with black spots and can weigh up to 6 kgs. This cat is very affectionate and is known to play along well with other animals and children. It holds the proud title of being the fastest house cat – reaching speeds of up to 48 kilometers per hour.

largest cat breeds

4. Savannah

This cat has a body type similar to the Mau and is one of the more recent breeds. It is known for its highly active, intelligent and playful nature. It can weigh almost 9 kgs making it one of the larger cats. It needs a large outdoor space to explore and play in and is not suitable for an indoor sedentary life. Most Savannahs have dark colored spots with a lighter brown or gray coat.

largest cat breeds
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5. Bengal Cat

Bred from the wild leopard cat, this cat looks more like its wild cousins than any other member of this list of ten largest cats. Its very athletically, intelligent and playful and like the Savannah, needs to be outdoors. It has a silky, thick and short coat of fur usually in shades of brown and is distinguished by its spotted underside. The Bengal cat adjusts well with kids and other pet animals.

largest cat breeds

6. American Bobtail

This cat was so named because of its short fluffy tail which it acquired as a result of a natural genetic mutation. It has a very distinctive appearance due to its long ears, short neck, large eyes and long fur coat. They have a variety of coat colors and patterns since they are found all over the world. It prefers a laid back life indoors and is very friendly, adaptable and welcoming to guests.

largest cat breeds
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7. Ragdoll

Ragdolls are known for their instantly likable personality and will collapse into the arms of anyone who is willing to cuddle them – hence the name. They have a medium length silky coat in a wide variety of colors ranging from red, cream and gray to dark brown and may even be bi-coloured. It is extremely affectionate with family members and friends and does not mind being around other pet animals. It is a perfect house cat that does not demand much outdoor activity.

largest cat breeds

8. Siberian Cat

This cat is native to Siberia in Russia and due to its cold habitat, sports a long, thick fur coat. It is a skilled hunter and was used by Siberian farmers to keep rodents away. Though smaller in size than the other cats on the list of ten largest cats, males can weigh up to 9 kgs and appear large because of the thick furry coat. This cat is very intelligent and playful but needs special grooming to look after its coat. It can have a wide range of colors, usually with some presence of white fur to camouflage with its snowy surroundings.

largest cat breeds

9. Ragamuffin

This cat is closely related to the Ragdoll and has a similar affectionate nature and likes to be cuddled. The fur coat is thick but not very long and can have many colors. But the kittens are born white and they acquire fur color as they grow up. Like the Ragdoll, it plays along well with children and other pets and is an ideal indoor cat.
largest cat breeds
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10. Chausie

This cat looks very much like a wild cat due to its large ears and attentive eyes and is one of the heaviest cats on the list of top ten largest cats. It has a short solid gray, brown or beige coat and is a very active, intelligent and playful cat. It does require outdoor activity and is good with other pets. Since it was bred from a wild cat, it is adept at hunting, jumping and other athletic activities.

largest cat breeds
So which of these ten largest cats do you want as a pet?

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