Glacier National Park is Amazing and Beautiful, but Will the Beauty Sustain?

Glacier National Park located in the state of Montana is one of the most beautiful national parks in the USA. It lies on the Canada and USA border. There are two provinces of Canada named Alberta and British Columbia. Glacier National Park contains beautiful landscape of mountains, spectacular lakes, and amazing mountains hikes. It is one of the most beautiful experiences you will feel while exploring the park.

Glacier National Park

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It covers a whopping area of 4,000 square kilometers which includes two mountain ranges. It has basically sub-ranges of Rocky Mountains. There are around 130 lakes that are giving life to 1,000 different species of flora and 100 different types of animals. It is also called “Crown of the Continent Ecosystem”. It has large mammals namely moose, mountain goats, and bears. Some endangered species are also found in this park namely lynxes and wolverines.

Glacier National Park, Mountain Goat
Glacier National Park shares borders with Waterton Lakes National Park located in Canada. The two national parks together called as Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. However, both these parks coordinate in wildlife management, research, and services related to visitors. It is also declared as the world’s first international park in 1932. They were also declared as World Heritage sites. There is also a highway that crosses the national park making visible much of its beauty for the travelers who passes through it.

Glacier National Park

Landscape beauty of Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park has many fun activities like boating, hiking, biking, campaigning and the list goes on. It will be the most amazing trip that you can plan with your friends and family. Every second you will spend in the national park will give you a lifetime memory for sure. Let me tell you few things that are related to the history of the park, firstly, it was situated at a park in 11th May 1910. Secondly, it was established as an International Peace park in 1932.Thirdly, one of the best places in the national park known as Going to the sun road completed in 1932.fourthly, it was declared as world heritage sites in 1995.Now, let me give you information regarding plants and animals in the Glacier National Park, firstly, it has around 18 to 24 native fish species and around 7 non-native fish species.

Boats on shore of Glacier National Park

Boats on shore of Glacier National Park

Secondly, there are around 71 species of mammals living in the national park. Thirdly, there are 276 species of bird’s species surviving in the national park. Lastly, the national park has 1,132species of vascular plants and 858 species of non-vascular plants. Now, let me tell give you few more information regarding the area that you are not aware, firstly, it shares around 21 miles’ area with Waterton National Park. Secondly, it shared approximately 31 miles with British Columbia. Thirdly, it shares around 13o miles with U.S. forest reserve. Fourthly, there are around 175 beautiful mountains peaks situated the national park. Lastly, Mt. Cleveland is the highest peak in Glacier National Park with a height of 10,448 ft.

Glacier National Park

Girl standing on shore of one of the lakes in Glacier National Park

There are many different facilities provided by the national park management for its visitors that you must be aware of before you are planning to visit Glacier National Park.

1. Total Number of campgrounds (Class A): 8 along with 943 sites.
2. Total Number of campgrounds (Class B): 5 along with 61 sites.
3. Total Number of Trails in total length: 745.6 miles
4. Total Number of backcountry campgrounds: Total 65 along with 208 sites.
5. Below are the wheelchair walkways that visitors can avail,

  • Trail of the Cedars (0.7 miles)
  • Logan Pass Boardwalk (2,300 ft.)
  • Oberlin Bend Overlook (400 ft.)
  • Running Eagle Nature Trail (1,800 ft.)

6. Total number of picnic areas(family): 8 situated along 175 sites
7. Total Number of patrol cabins: 30
8 Total number of visitor contact station: 4
9. Total number of boat access points: 6
10. Bicycle path: 2 miles between Apgar and West Glacier.

Glacier National Park, Lake

Now, let me tell you few facts related to Glacier National Park that I am sure you are not aware of and it will give you a reason to visit national park,

Facts Of Glacier National Park

1. Mountain Goats are one of the most important parts of the national park identity.

Glacier National Park, Boating

Boating in Glacier National Park

2. It is also called “CROWN OF THE CONTINENT.”

Glacier National Park,beautiful
3. Ever since the Lewis and Clark Expedition, wildlife has hardly changed in Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park, Lake

Lake, Glacier National Park

4. It is the first ever national park which is a part of International Peace Park.

Glacier National Park,Nature Landscape

Nature Landscape Glacier National Park

5. The early architecture deployed in the national park is very similar to European Flair.

Glacier National Park,River
6. Triple Divide Peak, one of the unique peak of national park sends water to Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans.

Glacier National Park, Mountain Landscape

Mountain Landscape of Glacier National Park

7. Boating will be the most amazing and memorable experience you will have the Glacier National Park. Go for it.

Glacier National Park, Scenic View

Scenic View of Glacier National Park

8. You should travel from east to west, that is going to the Sun road is a 50 mile most beautiful scenic landscape drive going through the park.

Glacier National Park, beautiful
9. It is known has both as a land of fire and ice. It receives an average snowfall of 138 inches, however in 2003 it receives a severe fire in which 13 percent of the land burned.

Glacier National Park, Mountain

One of the Mountain in Glacier National Park

10. Goat hunt is considered to be the center of both the parks (Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park). Visitors who want to cross the border just need to show their ID cards and then one of the official will put mountain goat shaped stamp on the passports of the visitors.

Glacier National Park

Waterfall in Glacier National Park

But the question arises that how Glacier National Park will sustain its beauty? I am raising this question because US government has approved many oil, gas, and housing related projects in the area. This is the primary reason for the endangered species which includes both land and water species. Species includes elk, bighorn sheep, and the threatened grizzly. However, U.S forest Service working very close with the Canadian government and the Blackfeet Tribe to protect the endangered species. Many private agencies are also working to protect the endangered species of the national park. We all are feeling effects of Global Warming and this is the high time, we should come forward to protect and save our second home Nature.

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