Japan’s Sakurajima volcano expecting major eruption within 30 years, say researchers

As per researchers of the University of Bristol, The Sakurajima volcano located on Kyushu island is due for one of the major eruption within next 30 years. It is very near to Sendai nuclear plant and Kagoshima, a city located on the south coast of the island of Kyushu in Japan having 6 lakh population.

Sakurajima volcano

The last eruption takes place in 1914 causing death of 58 people. Researchers study the activities of build in magma and came to a conclusion that one of the most major eruptions is due in next 30 years. There were multiple small eruptions on the regular basis, the last one was in the month of February.

Japan government authority named Japan’s volcanic warning system, which is responsible for informing people that don’t visit the volcano is keeping a close eye on the activities of the volcano. The whole area constitutes of around 100 volcanoes and Sakurajima is one of the most active in nature.

Volcanic Eruption

As per Dr. James Hickey, “The 1914 eruption measured about 1.5km cubed in volume,”. He is now part of University of Exeter’s Camborne School of Mines. He also said, “From our data, we think it would take around 130 years for the volcano to store the same amount of magma for another eruption of a similar size – meaning we are around 25 years away.”

If we conclude reports from Bristol University and the Sakurajima Volcano Research Centre, Volcano is accumulating 14 million cubic meters of magma every year. The report also suggests that the rate at which it is accumulating magma but it is not expelling in its regular small eruptions. This is one of the major reasons they are expecting a major eruption in next 30 years.

Lava Flowing out of the Volcano

Dr. Hickey also said, “We know that being forewarned means we are forearmed and providing essential information for local authorities can potentially help save lives if an eruption was imminent,”

One of the associate professors of Kyoto University suggested that new evacuation plans have already been prepared.

Dr. Haruhisa Nakamichi, Associate Professor at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University said “It is already passed by 100 years since the 1914 eruption, less than 30 years is left until a next expected big eruption,”

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