VIDEO: Watch Snake Bites in Slow Motion

Have you ever given a thought how Snake bites? The video shows the whole process and that too in slow motion. Most of us are afraid of the deadly animal but the fact is that most of the snakes are not dangerous. It’s just our perception. There are many beautiful snakes also exist. Some of the snake bites are very dangerous that can kill humans in just a matter of second. However, they are dangerous too but appearance looks beautiful. Whenever any predator approaches snake they just open their mouth and the deadly teeth’s containing poison is all set to put on the predator body. Nature has approximately 3,000 species of snakes. There is one unique type of snake we found on every continent except Antarctica. Also, Ireland don’t have a single snake because of the frozen ground. The video shows how snake attack predators that comes close to him and its very interesting. There are many facts about snakes that you don’t know. Let me give you some examples, Snakes vary in size, right from 10 cm thread to 6.95 meters’ python. It seems interesting. Let me give you one more example, Snake bites are killing 1 lakh humans every year . Let me tell you some more, as of now we have we have discovered 20 families of snakes which has approximately 3,000 species of snakes. So, before you watch the video let me tell you some in testing facts about snakes that will surprise you,

Facts About Snakes

1. There’s exist one island in Brazil where people are banned to go because there are about 5 snakes per square meter.The probability of snake bites are very higher.

Snake on Tree, Snake Bites
2. Snakes with two heads also exist and the interesting part is that both of these fight with each other for food. All snakes are carnivorous. Some snakes can survive up to two years without a meal.

Snake with Two heads, facts about Snake
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3. There is one species called boomslang snake’s that will make you bleed from all holes of your body if they will bite you. This is something scary.

Boomslang Snake, Snake Bites
4. Snakes can open there up to 150 degrees. This will become more clear when you watch the video. The vertebral column of snakes has 200 to 400 vertebrae.

Snakes Vertebrae
5. Titanoboa is the largest and longest snake that was ever discovered on planet Earth. He used to live 60 million years back.

6. Snakes used to sense their prey approaching by detecting faint vibrations in the air and also on the ground. Living snakes are found on every continent except Antarctica.

Snake on Tree
7. Snakes have very flexible jaws that actually allows them to eat predators which are bigger than their head. Watch the video and you will notice how flexible their jaws are.

Snake Flexible Jaws, Facts about Snake
8. Snakes used their tongue to smell things nearby. Snakes don’t have eyelids.

Snake Tongue, Facts About Snakes
9.Snakes have to sleep with their eyes open, they are unable to blink their eyes and also unable to close it. One of the surprising facts about snakes.

Snake Sleep with Open Eyes
10. Military commandos in Lebanon used to eat alive snakes just to show their strength and daring. According to a survey, 51 percent Americans fear snakes than any another thing in the world.

Lebanon Soldier Eating Snake-Facts About Snake, facts about snakes

VIDEO: Watch Snake Bites in Slow Motion

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