10 Exceptional And Amazing Astronomical Events

There are many different types of changes that are continuously going in the space. There are many reasons like movement of planets, gravitational force and changing start system for these amazing astronomical events. There are many astronomical events that you can see with your naked eyes. Many astronomical events happen after centuries. So, here we are listing 10 exceptional and amazing astronomical events.

10 Exceptional And Amazing Astronomical Events

1. Total Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse you can see it many times in a year but the total solar eclipse is one of rarest phenomena that you will see. The last time it was seen in November 2012 and the scientist has predicted that it will not happen in next 138 years. Scientifically Total Solar Eclipse is also called umbra. The Moon is 400 times closer to sun and in the total solar eclipse Moon covers the whole Sun in to its crescent.

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Image Source: www.nasa.gov

2. Blue Moon
Blue Moon is a second full moon phenomenon which you will see in every two years. The blue colour you will only see when the atmosphere has certain colouring particles. The last full blue colour Moon has been seen in 1883 when in Krakatoaa volcano has been exploded and the whole atmosphere has been filled with dense ash and the moon turns blue at that time.

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Image Source: earthsky.org

3. Venus Transition
Venus Transition is an astronomical phenomenon in which the planet Venus travels between Sun and Earth. When the scientist sees it from the Earth It will only be seen as a black spot. The phenomena can be seen in every eight years though the position of the Venus planet keeps on changing. The planet will take a period of 110 years to occupy the same position that it has taken previously.

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Image Source: www.nasa.gov

4. Great White Thunder Storm
These astronomical phenomenon phenomena will take place after every 30 Earth years. During this event there is a huge storm formation that will take place in the Northern hemisphere of the planet Saturn. There will be about 10 sting lightning that will take place at every second. After sometime when it condensed it will be converted in to a thunderstorm. These thunderstorms are 10 thousand times stronger than we used to get storms on Earth.

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Image Source: www.space.com

5. Planetary Alignment
The Planetary Alignment is a rarest of the rare astronomical phenomena. According to the Space scientists the next alignment of Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon will take place in 2040. The last planetary alignment has been seen in May 2011 when Jupiter, Mercury and Venus has aligned themselves in a proper direction.

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Image Source: www.ask.com

6. Comet ISON
Comet ISON is also known as Sun grazing comet which is considered to be originated from Oort cloud. The Oort cloud is considered to be thee edge of the solar system. It is also a rare phenomenon. ISON is also said to be comet of this century. It was discovered by the two Russian astronomers on 12th September 2012. It banished o 28th November 2013.

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Image Source: beforeitsnews.com

7. Halley’s comet
The comet has been discovered by Edmund Halley in 1531 and hence the name given to the comet. It is a periodic comet that orbit the Sun after every 75 years. It revolves round the Sun in elliptical orbits. The comet can be easily visible from the Earth and that too with the naked eyes. The comet gets illuminated by the reflection of the Sun. The last visit of the comet is in 1986 and it will return in 2061.

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Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

8. Hale- Bopp comet
It one of the brightest comet in the space and has been discovered by the American astronomer Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp on 23rd July 1995. It is very easily visible from Earth and also with the naked eyes. The comet is thousand times brighter than Halley’s Comet. It follows very unusual path and took around 2392 years orbiting around the Sun.

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Image Source: apod.nasa.gov

9. Leonid meteor storms
Leonid meteor storms will be seen when Earth passes through the orbit of another comet called Tempel-Tuttle. Tempel-Tuttle orbit around the Sun after every 33 years. It is believed that you can see 1000 meteors per hour during Leonid meteor storms. It was first discovered in 1833.

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Image Source: thewestsidestory.net

10. Churyumov- Gerasimenko Comet
Churyumov- Gerasimenko Comet is believed to be discovered from icy bodies next to Neptune planet and it will head towards the Sun. It will orbit the Sun after every 6 years. The comet faces a exceptionally high gravitational influence of Jupiter when it passes between the Earth and Jupiter.

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Image Source: sci.esa.int

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